In order to better squat jumps Beijing Modern February sales Interpretation

Posted on 3/12/2016 11:28:48 AM

Recently, the China Federation of freshly baked data, affected by factors such as the Spring Festival in February, the overall market into the off-season. Among them, Beijing Hyundai sold 53,000 monthly, although outside the top ten rankings than rival Nissan comparatively good results, but this inevitably results in a single month with annual sales of millions of identity is not consistent.
This is reminiscent of last October, the 13th anniversary of the modern factory in Beijing to celebrate the new mid-size car-cum-collar movable line-off ceremony, "in order to better squat jumps" Liu Zhifeng, executive vice president of Beijing Hyundai had raised. Faced with the cloud wave sly deceitful domestic automobile market, behind Beijing Hyundai February sales figures, what is also hidden what information?
Manufacturers work together, innovation
With the auto market competition continues to heat up, various car manufacturers introduced new products are constantly accelerating pace. After reaching the sales exceeded a million, the cumulative sales of more than 7 million level, Beijing Hyundai will "innovation, technology, vitality" as a new brand connotation, through the introduction of a large number of new products to enhance the brand pull.
At the beginning of 2016, Beijing Hyundai in the lead for the new car moving actively preparing for the listing. Prior to this, Beijing Hyundai has been staged in the senior market and SUV market a new cable and nine Tucson. Later this year, nine hybrid cable, the new Santa Fe facelift with the new version will be launched Rena. We can say that this is a senior from the SUV, and the Chevrolet product line as a whole new generation.
Launched a new generation of products, which means to say goodbye to the old generation products. Beijing Hyundai had served as the main cable eight models, and old Tucson Yuet, as has been has a good reputation in the user base, dealers of these products set a higher inventory. Now, old and new products in order to achieve a seamless handover in the market, take the initiative to help Beijing Hyundai dealers reduce these old models of inventory and other movable collar to protect the consumer before the car can be served in the first time.
Quasi-step rhythm, ready to attack
Beijing Hyundai familiar people may remember January, Beijing Hyundai plant capacity to carry out a series of adjustments to ensure that after the listing movable collar can provide sufficient supply capacity. Dealers end before mentioned combination of old and new switching product inventory, which is difficult to find a big chess Beijing Modern cloth under.
For any annual sales of over one million car prices, the introduction of a single new heavyweight is not difficult, but the face of Beijing Hyundai's current product line as a whole new generation, not only for the enterprise itself technical reserves and R & D strength test, but also depends on partnerships with dealers, suppliers and management capabilities to grasp the rhythm of the market. Any little mistake, are likely to encounter off-season sales of inventory high, the risk-free season cars will be sold.
Has created a "modern speed" Beijing Hyundai once again cut quasi-market context, choose their own to complete the overall adjustment and terminal network in the traditional off-season market for a variety of upcoming new products are well prepared.
Following the lead after moving in 2016 Beijing will usher in a variety of modern heavy car. In addition to the new victory of Rena and replacement model, and represents the latest technology Beijing modern masterpiece in the field of green travel - ninth Sonata hybrid version.
With the full range of products to be completed upgrading, Beijing Hyundai future market, not only by virtue of several star vehicle sales contribution, and the overall updating, more fit the market demand for the latest line of products together to attack.
Not difficult to see, behind the sales in February, Beijing Hyundai is more like a bent figure, in position to stabilize the industry at the same time engaged in a pragmatic and forward-looking global adjustment. When out of the market from the downturn, Beijing Hyundai will be the front line of a new attitude of confidence.

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