Finance lease revitalize the automobile market size will reach 75 billion or

Posted on 11/3/2015 10:27:08 AM

August 31, 2015, the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the development of financial leasing industry" in buses, taxis, and other areas of public service vehicles to encourage the development of new energy vehicles and facilities through financial leasing.
In fact, compared to conventional cars, the application of Internet technology can be better integrated into the new energy vehicles in order that new energy vehicles toward automation, intelligent direction, in order to provide more car-sharing to achieve a suitable carrier.
Using car-sharing approach, new energy vehicles to fully meet the needs of short car consumer groups 10-100 km per day the city limits, and there are enough outlets to facilitate consumers pick up the car, no parking problem. At present, use of new energy timeshare rental car, timeshare rental has become an important way to promote new energy vehicles.
But, now a new energy timeshare rental car is not a mature business model, we are still in the exploration process. "Upstream is the leasing company, is a bit lower, faster in the last kilometer of the city logistics, some large logistics Chamber of Commerce explore with us. In this mode, the user is a logistics company, the downstream demand is very clear, give him A charge of operational support, it can be made. "Wang Wei said.
However, Wang Wei's view, the biggest problem is not found under the house clear. In addition, the battery echelon use scenarios, future technological progress and practice, automobile salvage and other issues are new energy vehicles is no clear business model the main drag.
Wang Wei admitted that "now able to batch mode of operation is nothing more than public services, such as electric buses, taxis, but also do not see a clear path, we are actively trying, we have recently explored a separate battery lease project, if there is a 30% residual value, then the business is very alive. "
For battery residual risk, current financial companies still can not afford to take. "Traditional car is rented for two years to come back, be sure to remove the residual value of the market. This is the new energy vehicles present problems. These problems are not resolved, you want consumers to buy a car is not easy for a new thing, it is certainly first experience, first try. "Wang Wei said.
Meanwhile, Minsheng Financial Leasing vehicles and Lu Ning, general manager of engineering machinery sector believe that the new energy vehicle charging facilities standards are not uniform, audiences have limitations, and project the main profit model is not clear, the new energy automotive finance business is not as investment business As optimistic person.
Transportation Finance Division, Assistant He Jinfeng, president of Ping An Bank share the view that, at this stage of China's new energy vehicle market there are many immature place. Although the policy support, but the subsequent withdrawal of subsidies slope, if the policy is no longer exciting, new energy market in the foreseeable future will be difficult to have a big market space.
While not optimistic about the market, but still has two business Ping An Bank, a business is 2B, 2C addition is business. On 2B business, new energy customers involved mainly government, bus companies and leasing companies, focused on their needs saving car costs, changes in market sales model.
"First, because the subsidy follow orders to go, but because of the subsidy to be delayed until the delivery of the vehicle at least three months or so, we are willing to do bridge financing under the subsidy; the second is the mortgage on their new energy vehicles, buses promotion; Third, active rental market new energy, whether it is sharing or battery leasing finance lease, leasing companies we were factoring financing. "He Jinfeng said.
Demand for cars for individual users, Ping An Bank to individual users is consumer finance loans, and general non-support efforts of new energy vehicles as financial support individual end financial products are readily available. "Currently, the new energy products appeal to customers is still quite limited, the main problem is the charge, which may be the biggest difficulty." He Jinfeng finally said.

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