Mercedes-Benz over the next five years by 11 new models to accelerate the push diesel into China

Posted on 10/8/2015 2:34:08 PM

Terms of sales still lag behind Audi and BMW Mercedes-Benz, we are accelerating to catch up.
Recently, in the Mercedes-Benz Design Technology Day event, Beijing Mercedes - Benz Sales and Service Co., Ltd. Sales and marketing executive vice president Duan Jianjun, said, "2020, our global system to provide 30 car models, including 11 models is The new cars do not have before. "And this is the future of Mercedes-Benz accelerated to catch up and even surpass important capital rivals in China.
On the Chinese market, Mercedes-Benz models, not only in popularity to further improve the layout of the market, a small minority of the models also accelerating the introduction. It is worth mentioning that in the future China will also introduce a variety of Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles.
But industry analysts believe that, in the case of diesel vehicles in the world currently being questioned, the Mercedes-Benz diesel cars can lay this card remains to be seen.
According to the plan, in October of this year, Mercedes-Benz ML facelift models GLESUV will officially landed the Chinese market, domestic SUVGLK replacement GLC will also be listed before the end of the year.
Mercedes-Benz models in promoting the popularization of the layout at the same time, the Chinese prelude personalized niche models have also been opened. Duan Jianjun said earlier, after the GLE sports SUV listed by the end of August this year, will introduce more COUPE models and niche models to meet Chinese consumers demand more personalized.
It is reported that next year the new roadster and smartforfour smartfortwo will come to the Chinese market.
Recently, the Mercedes-Benz Design Technology Day held in Beijing, more like a hot field these personalized models before the arrival. The same day, a detailed account of Mercedes-Benz brand not only in terms of design history COUPE models, and Mercedes-Benz design, design elements, design process and so a comprehensive resolution.
In paragraph Jianjun opinion, in the current pay attention to "color value" and "stylish", and the perfect design, product a competitive advantage is an important basis for marketing and sales.
However, in the current context of China's economic slowdown, personalized models are also being challenged.
According to the reporter, a variety of models in the 2020 Mercedes-Benz sales in China's shortage of diesel vehicles on the scene.
Duan Jianjun that "Diesel is one of the representatives of the future direction of clean power, we will continue to put more diesel models to China." Currently in the sale of Mercedes-Benz diesel cars is not much, only ML350CDI and GL350CDI two.
At end-September, Volkswagen diesel vehicle emissions are excessive exposure, which also led to diesel suffered a global challenge.

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