Suzuki will recall 288 imported cars braking performance kept hidden

Posted on 6/15/2016 10:11:07 AM

Recently, Suzuki (China) Investment Co., Ltd. to the AQSIQ for the record of the recall program, will from June 28, 2016, the recall period from 10 December 2014 to 12 October 2015, the date of production of special import speed wing series cars, according to the company's statistics, mainland China, involving a total of 288.
Within the scope of this recall part of the vehicle due to the sensor parts suppliers production line monitoring tool offset failure occurred caliper bore too large in the case of defective undetected directly delivered and installed on the vehicle. Bore oversized brake calipers reduced due to internal sealing will cause a brake fluid leak, users will find the car brake system warning light, in some cases, may reduce braking performance, there are security risks .
Suzuki (China) Investment Co., Ltd. will recall the vehicle replacement in the range meet the specifications after the brake caliper to eliminate defects.

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