China's auto industry slowdown is expected to improve by the end of Experts

Posted on 8/28/2015 2:16:57 PM

This year, Chinese auto companies and auto days are good too. Automobile production and sales decline, automobile stocks are not low, under the influence of high inventories and capital chain, a car dealer 4S shops closed down news from time to time. China's auto industry experts believe that the difficulty of the situation may improve in the end of this year.
Shanghai Volkswagen 4S shop, a person in charge of Beijing's Wang Kun told reporters, and compared to previous years, the operating results have declined this year: "Compared to last year and the beginning of time, it has indeed been a slight decline, but is not particularly evident .6 , July comparative tough, a little better recently. We and peer exchange, and the stock market you think may have a relationship, a good time, Caterpillar 320D injector valve no one is willing to take the money to buy a car, the stock market lost it, even more reluctant to buy a car. ʱ??
Ordinary cars, SUV, particularly manufacturers and distributors this year and perhaps the day is not too difficult, but some of the luxury car market has slipped badly. Insiders pointed out that the luxury car market in general is always higher than the trend growth rate doubled in just the opposite this year, the trend is a binary basis, in May year on year increase is the luxury car minus 1%, which is a good many years have not seen phenomenon.
Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Dealers Association, Luo Lei, said: "The industry, whether dealers or car companies are feeling and unlike previous years, extremely difficult, dealers that inventory pressure, financial pressure, large area dealers at a loss, which rare in the past. "
His analysis of this for many reasons, including economic downward pressure, high growth in previous years overdraft existing market demand, as well as in previous years led to many manufacturers to increase production capacity this year devoted to models, to bring pressure digestion.
From the data, in July this year, China's passenger car sales were since April for four consecutive months of decline, year on year in June, following a downward again, and the decline than expected. Cars sold, dealers greater pressure. China Automobile Dealers Association recently released "Chinese auto dealer inventory warning index survey" shows that in July 2015 warning stock index was 53.4%. The index has been more than 10 months in the cordon.
A luxury car dealer in Guilin Jingwei said that this year there have been a number of local since closed shop tide, some of 4S stores to be acquired, because their inventory, cash flow and flexible, are increasing efforts merger: "We have more and more acquisitions more, we continue to acquire, Guangxi, one of the largest 4S shop has acquired more than twenty, with more than 20 brands, do a comprehensive shop. "
Auto dealers interviewed said that their profits are generally relatively fixed, while the manufacturers, can have more ways to defuse stress. Dealers and manufacturers, especially luxury car manufacturers to negotiate, hoping to get more support: "Now many manufacturers are in lower prices, and lower prices just a part, improve service is also very important, is the only effective thing to do fastest down prices, but whether the count long-term development, not talk. "
"So is a seller's market, has now become a buyer's market, consumers have more choice, we dealers and manufacturers are the same, since the anti-monopoly, vendors are not so strong, and we have more and vendors room for negotiation, dealers and manufacturers will find a way through dialogue, the risk under control. "
Many automobile manufacturers have lowered the selling price and the dealer's sales target. However, the Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Dealers Association, Luo Lei opinion, this situation will not be long, and is expected in the fourth quarter of this year the situation will improve automotive industry: "From the beginning of June last year, the growth rate seen in the chase car dropping month, in May this year of negative growth, this situation may continue for some time, but it will not always be the case. ups and downs are normal market phenomenon is expected in the fourth quarter of this year will be better. "

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