European emissions new regulations The automakers said pressure

Posted on 8/21/2014 2:23:43 PM

This year, the European Union to finalize the new emission standards, to around 2020 new car than the current average carbon dioxide emissions will be cut by more than 25%, the new rules discharge areas due to severe degree is regarded as the most serious challenge, many car companies face the risk of hard to achieve goals.
Due to the 95 g/km goals too high, hard to achieve by 2020, after many automakers protests and consultation, the eu has to make minor concessions.
Observers said the adoption of new measure system means that the car companies will invest more funds, improve environmental performance, achieves the tightening emission standards; On the other hand, it will also bring opportunities for electric vehicle sales and suppliers.BNP paribas matthias desmarais estimates, according to the European Union adopts WLTP standards before the purchase cost will raise close to 1000 euros per car. Given that many popular brands has opened a higher discount to attract buyers, new pressure will undoubtedly add to the situation.

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