New energy used car replacement of the storm

Posted on 12/27/2016 9:24:30 AM

China's first batch of new energy vehicles has come to the first five years. According to the current mainstream car manufacturers to provide the terms of the battery warranty, the majority of new energy vehicles, the battery shelf life of 5-8 years, which means that the first batch of new energy vehicles replacement period already arrived.
The first need to replace the new energy vehicles are mostly purchased during the 2012-2013 period, the amount of time to maintain less, so the replacement problem is not prominent. However, this figure is soaring year after year. According to the data released by the Ministry of Industry, in 2015 the output of new energy vehicles to 379,000, an increase of 4 times in 2014, compared with 2012 is an increase of 13 times. If the 5-8 years for the scrapped period, 2020, the new energy used cars will usher in explosive growth over the same period there are used batteries and new energy scrapped cars.
The core of new energy vehicles is the power battery, used lithium batteries will cause improper handling of dangerous or environmental pollution. It is understood that the battery cathode material may have heavy metal pollution, the electrolyte also has a strong corrosive and prone to toxic chemical gases. Some waste batteries also carry energy, improper handling may cause a fire or explosion. So concerned about the individual owners can not meet the demand for replacement of old cars at the same time, more worthy of worry, there are new energy vehicles scrap and battery recycling and other issues.
Currently only 3 years from the 2020 time, but the follow-up of new energy vehicles are still pioneering industry chain, its development can keep up with the pace of production growth? For the time being, the situation is worrying.
Used car market has been cold
In 2013, Mr. Lee spent 270,000 yuan to buy a new energy E150 Beiqi 4 years later, he fancy a new car, so you want to sell the old car. The results to the used car market, the car dealer told him only willing to pay 40,000 yuan to close the car, and the need for Mr. Lee to escort 20,000 yuan before the contract is willing to sign. So that Mr. Lee is more helpless, the entire second-hand car market is only one willing to take his car, other businesses heard that the new energy vehicles simply do not provide this service. See this situation, Mr. Lee had to sell. He told Die Zeit reporter: "This car I have a value to sell, but not worth the money to sell."
In this regard, the Die Zeit reporter went to the Guangzhou City Chun-chun used car market interview to the salesman Liu master, he said: "Who would dare to accept?" You see the home door Lexus hybrid version has been sold for two years, no market ah "He explained to reporters, the current market of new energy vehicles used car has not yet formed, outside the acceptance of new energy vehicles have been low, with no subsidies for new energy used cars, consumers are even less interested. "A new energy vehicles brought to a year or two to sell, certainly loss of death." Master Liu said.
In addition to no market, car dealers are another concern is the power battery repair and replacement costs. Owners brought the car most of the replacement period has been close to the possibility of a high battery failure. If the second-hand car dealers received a new energy vehicles, the battery is broken, and they have to pay seven or eight million to replace the battery, which for them will be a huge burden. In addition, the new energy vehicles, battery repair and maintenance costs are relatively high, according to the current turnover of new energy used cars speed, Liu told reporters, "how to do is not worthwhile."
"Another car dealer Wang master said, last week there are owners holding more than 40 million new energy vehicles to ask for the price, but he shouted out 13 million Of the closing price, the owner turned around and left. "He did not want to sell I do not want to close it, if I can not sell how to do?" Master Wang told reporters, "do second-hand car should have a car source market, but the new energy car with the owner could not agree, nor Good buy, who is willing to do it?
It is reported that BYD as the representative of several brands have introduced a new energy vehicle replacement policy. But the reporter asked a number of BYD dealers in Guangzhou, said it has not received notice of this business, they also said that the 4S shop is not responsible for recycling of new energy used cars, battery recycling and other issues is "do not know.
Can not get rid of the new energy used car has become a lot of owners of heart disease, many netizens to write Raiders to explore how to "get rid of old love", but apart from time-sharing lease and second-hand car market, try to luck and other methods, it seems can not find other Path to disposal of used cars. If you just want to change a new car, the owner can still use the old car to relatives and friends to open. But if the car is scrapped, how should we do?
Car scrapped how to do?
The life of new energy vehicles and its power battery is closely related to the shelf life. China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association Secretary-General Liu Yanlong told Die Zeit reporter, usually car prices of foreign commitment to the battery shelf life is 5-8 years, the national policy requirements is 8 years 100000 km, but because 2013-2015 new energy vehicles are still in Promotion period, many companies fail to meet such standards, it may be scraped in advance or eliminated.
2012 production of new energy vehicles in accordance with the five-year warranty period, has now entered the retirement period, and second-hand car market segment is not perfect is to speed up the process of new energy vehicles scrapped. Guangzhou City traffic police brigade Yang told the Die Zeit reporter, not to sell do not want the car is usually two cases, one is to achieve national mandatory retirement standards, can no longer drive, only mandatory scrapped. The other is to find a place that does not cause special attention to take down the license directly abandoned, a "zombie car."
Liu Yanlong said that the current development of new energy vehicles in the early, the state has not developed a clear retirement standards bill, the state compulsory scrapping may not be the recent situation. Time Weekly reporter called a car scrapped in Guangzhou, the company also said that the person in charge has not yet launched a new energy vehicle scrap project on the grounds that the dismantling of new energy vehicles may require specialized equipment, the current market has not purchased the equipment smaller. When a reporter asked not scrapped and no one should be how to do the new energy used car, the person told reporters, "It may take some time to put it.
Scrapped enterprises do not carry out the new energy vehicles related business excusable, after all, the dismantling of new energy vehicles have a certain risk. Bangpu car recycling company new energy vehicle dismantling engineers once pointed out: "The new energy vehicle battery pack, by a number of battery modules and battery cells, and the sum of the rated voltage of the battery cell is usually between 300V-750V, In addition, when the battery short-circuit occurs, the instantaneous current can be as high as 100A or more, and instantly release a lot of heat, easily lead to fire or explosion.
At the same time Liuyan Long also told reporters that scrap enterprises to carry out the dismantling of new energy vehicles scrapped business is not yet economical, one of the current standardization of the battery has not been established, the battery specifications and types of too much to buy which equipment to dismantle Solution can not be determined; Second, the current battery recycling and echelon utilization has not developed, dismantling the battery itself is a complex process, the cost of high technology, if not sell or sell no profit, "this uneconomical things , Companies will not do, "he said.
"Abandoned" "stood" and "wait" seems to be the only way out of new energy scrapped cars. However, new energy vehicles than the traditional car, stopped at the outside into a scrap metal at most, new energy vehicles involved in power batteries, scrapped cars on the shelf life of those power batteries go, which has become a new problem.
Wu Feng, a professor at Beijing Institute of Technology, has publicly stated: "A 20-gram mobile phone battery can contaminate three standard swimming pool volumes of water, if abandoned in the land, can make 1 square kilometers of land pollution for 50 years. Ton heavy electric vehicle battery abandoned in the environment from it? A lot of heavy metals and chemicals into the nature, will cause greater environmental pollution. "This also means that the new energy vehicle recycling, as well as the development of waste batteries of the echelon Use has been imminent.
Battery recycling is imminent
Lithium battery life of 20 years, but the battery capacity below 80%, the car's mileage will be significantly reduced, so lithium batteries used in new energy vehicles can only use 5-8 years. According to the China Automotive Technology and Research Center experts Li Yu Branch, in 2015, the cumulative battery power of about 2 million -400 tons of scrap, with the rapid growth of new energy vehicle production capacity, by 2020, this figure will go to 12 million -17 million tons of scale.
Lithium-ion battery does not contain mercury, cadmium, lead and other toxic heavy metal elements, but this does not mean that the lithium-ion battery is zero pollution, "said Li Cheng, deputy director of the National Engineering Laboratory of electric vehicles, Beijing Institute of Technology, published an article. Power lithium-ion battery cathode material may cause heavy metal pollution, and its electrolyte is also a strong corrosive and toxic, but also prone to toxic chemical gases.
July 2012, the Government introduced the "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)", the plan proposed to establish a cascade utilization and recycling management system to guide and encourage manufacturers to strengthen the recycling of used batteries. But Lin Cheng that this is just a framework, in the specific implementation of the policy is still lagging behind.
December 30, 2014, the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries and jointly issued "2016-2020 on new energy vehicles to promote the use of financial support policy notice (draft)", the notice clearly the automobile manufacturers as a power battery recycling The use of the responsibility of the main body responsible for the recovery of battery power. But this is not a mandatory requirement, that is, in the early development of enterprises can still according to their own situation to carry out battery recycling and echelon utilization development.
BYD, a dealer told Die Zeit reporter, the new energy battery R & D and expansion of production costs have been great, the current recovery of new energy batteries and echelon utilization has been carried out, but this business may be relatively lagging behind. The reporter went on to ask the specific circumstances of the battery recycling, the staff answered "specific is not very clear."
Liuyan Long told reporters that the battery recycling and echelon use from the industry point of view are relatively lagging behind. Recycling the battery requires understanding of the health of the battery, which requires companies to establish the battery in the early assessment system, and battery condition monitoring to obtain sufficient data to make judgments. But the business is relatively small to carry out this business, the state has no rigid requirements.
At the same time, "even the battery recycling up, and now even how to dismantle the battery did not explore a better way." Liuyan Long said, the specifications of the different batteries, the industry is not a unified way dismantling. New energy battery echelon utilization has just been developed, can not profit or an unknown. "Early investment so much, do not know whether the latter part of the profit, the Government did not force the requirements, there is no preferential policies to attract, business recovery initiative is not high naturally." He said.

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