Jianghuai public joint venture was criticized Oolong: still apply for a higher level

Posted on 4/1/2017 9:56:43 AM

Recently, on the JAC public joint venture factory approval of the news received uproar, did not expect turned out to be a "Oolong": joint venture project approved only in Anhui Province level instructions, 29, NBD car reporter query the provincial government website found that The approval of this project has been unable to find.
  NBD car reporter to the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the people's government government service center to verify the matter, the relevant staff have said that the approval and approval of the situation was deleted is not clear.
  As early as 2016 signed a memorandum of cooperation, JAC and the public cooperation may be due to violate the "foreign investment in China and China's auto companies can not be more than two" provisions of the industry by the widespread concern. Volkswagen in China, the third joint venture will be in what form of approval, the entire Chinese auto joint venture model have an important impact.
  Jianghuai Group Investor Relations related to the NBD car revealed that the Anhui provincial government to remove the approval of the matter is not clear, "the current group is on the joint venture project to the next level of government departments for approval."
  The public China's response to this is "the project is still in progress." Volkswagen Group for the latest public statement of this project is in early March this year, the Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen Group (China) President and CEO Heizman said the public and JAC's cooperation is pure electric vehicles to promote, 2018 will be the first car on the market.
  Automobile analysis company An Luqin product research director Shengguo Liang to NBD car, said the third joint venture due to the release of major, it will not be so easy to achieve. He believes that the approval of Anhui Province may have to test the meaning of higher levels of government, "even if the final approval does not come down will not have any serious consequences.
  According to the screenshot of the network reservation, the name of the project sponsored by Jianghuai Automobile Group is "Consultation on the approval of the construction project of the joint venture production of pure electric passenger car of Anhui JAC Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd." Development and Reform Commission, the approval conclusion for the "consent." Previously, it is because the JAC public project focused on new energy, the industry that may want to play the country to support the development of new energy "edge ball". However, Sheng Guoliang that even in the field of new energy, the joint venture is also very difficult to be approved.
  According to NBD car to understand, the current issued 11 new energy qualifications, only a member of Jiangsu Minan a Taiwanese investment background, accurate and no foreign joint venture enterprises appear. "From the current domestic new energy policy subsidies, the use of foreign batteries is also excluded from the subsidy directory, so open joint ventures, so that foreign companies in China and further competition with the possibility of domestic enterprises is not high."
  In addition, the number of joint ventures and the number of foreign-funded enterprises in China, after years of discussion but still no policy changes, JAC's third joint venture from the approved final step in the end can pass, is still Is unknown.

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