1 year 4 executives left Volvo on the Chinese market is expected to how

Posted on 5/25/2017 10:50:29 AM

Recently, Volvo car sales company in China, vice president of marketing, Yi Han will resign in the position of Volvo, transferred back to the main management of auspicious brand. May 22, Yi Han through personal social platform to give this confirmed. May 23, Volvo official announced that Yi Han will be on June 16 this year, was officially transferred to Geely Automobile Group's high-end brand of grams, as the collar grams of the business unit executive vice president.
From the sales point of view, Volvo in April to achieve 38% growth in China is not low, what is the reason for Volvo in China into the management of the ever-changing?
Volvo entered the "global revival" in the second stage, China has become the world's largest single market of the moment, Volvo on the Chinese market has placed too high a goal. Some analysts pointed out that the frequent personnel adjustment behind, may be due to the implementation of Volvo's high goal landing is not up to expectations.
At this year 's Geneva Motor Show, Volvo Cars Group President and Chief Executive Officer Hanken
From the Volvo China insiders on the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that Volvo more problems from the internal management system, which is the only one outside the company, but the sales system, research and development system and management system can not learn from Joint venture and independent brand experience, so the system capacity is the biggest problem.
"Volkswagen to hear the sound of people" to make decisions is the Volvo in the Chinese market is facing important issues, similar to the US market similar to the decision-making power, pricing, product introduction, brand promotion and so on to get more freedom in order to really let Volvo "put the tiger".

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