Set a small goal: joint venture cautiously optimistic and bold heavy volume

Posted on 2/20/2017 2:55:21 PM

With the opening of the New Year curtain in 2017, the major auto companies have been from the previous strategic transition period to today's strategic implementation period. A new round of automobile market war curtain opened this.
  Careful look at the major car manufacturers 2017 new car sales target, an interesting law is: most of the joint venture brand sales growth in 2017 is expected to increase with the GDP growth is not much difference. However, independent brands for the 2017 annual sales growth is generally higher expectations, a considerable number of enterprises will increase in more than 50%.
  Of course, the major car sales in 2017 are often associated with their respective market performance in 2016. Data show that in 2016 its own brand car sales target to complete the overall situation is better. In the completion rate of the top ten enterprises, there are seven for their own brands, including SAIC passenger cars and Guangzhou Automobile passenger car performance is the best, the target completion rate of more than 130%.
  Independent brand goals optimistic
  Rough statistics is not difficult to find, independent brands on the 2017 sales forecast is generally optimistic and bold. Specifically, SAIC passenger car sales target of 600,000, the target increase of 86.5%; Guangzhou passenger car sales target of 500,000, the target increase of 78.57%; Chery sales target of 900,000, the target increase of 50 %; Dongfeng Fengshen sales target of 200,000, the target increase of 53% ... ...
  However, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers predicted that 2017 car market sales of about 29.4 million, an increase of only about 5%. The goal of its own brand is generally much higher than the China Automobile Association's expectations, from its own brand in 2016 broad based market conditions. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers data, in just the past 2016, independent brand passenger car sales for the first time exceeded 10 million mark.
  2016 sales of the rosy to their own brand of auto companies in 2017 courage of the courage. For example, in the past year, sales targets with the highest completion rate of SAIC passenger cars, the development of 2017 sales growth target also live high. Data show that SAIC passenger car company sales for the first time in 2016 exceeded 320,000, up 89% year on year, and for the first time to achieve full-year profitability.
  Specifically, the Roewe RX5 to become a passenger car 2016 "run the king". This was only in July last year, the new car has been listed, has been on the continuous sales of 20,000 broken, as 2016 SAIC independent high-speed growth of the important reasons. With the next Roewe i6, MG and other models of the introduction of a variety of new models, Roewe brand is expected to sell in the brand new high.
  It is reported that SAIC passenger car will be 2017 sales target set at 600,000. In order to ensure the realization of this goal, 2017 SAIC passenger car will launch more competitive products. Among them, the configuration of the Internet technology will account for the new car SAIC passenger car company's total sales of 65%.
  In addition, the new product "Baotuan listed" will become a lot of independent brands in 2017 more consistent choice. For example, Dongfeng Fengshen will launch in 2017, including AX1, AX3 1.0T, AX3 DCT, AX7 DCT, AX5 1.6L, A60 EV models, including a variety of new cars. So many new cars will help Dongfeng Fengshen 2017 20 million sales target reached. Data show that Dongfeng Fengshen sold in 2016 over 150,000, reaching 150077, an increase of 49.5%. Compared with the 125,000 sales target set last year, the completion rate reached 115.40%. Of course, 2010 20 million target means that Dongfeng Fengshen will achieve 53% increase in sales. In the overall market to stabilize the situation, this is still a small cross.
  Joint venture brand stabilized head
  And its own brand "strides" different pace, the joint venture brand to develop the sales target is clearly a lot of caution.
  Data show that FAW-Volkswagen 2017 will reach 1.96 million, according to its 2016 1.82 million sales results, the target increased by 7.6%. In addition, FAW Toyota's sales target of 670,000, the target increased by 1.7%; Guangzhou Automobile Honda sales target of 690,000, the target increase of 11.29%; Beijing modern sales target of 1.25 million, the target increase of 11.61%. In contrast, these enterprises are the target increase to stabilize the head.
  "I do not want to let us emphasize the figures, because the numbers will let us run, I prefer to let us return to the beginning, depicting the future vision." Toyota president Toyoda said. Under the guidance of this idea, in 2016 completed 658,800 sales FAW Toyota only 2017 sales target set at 670,000.
  Emphasis on the beginning of the FAW Toyota will be more ink on the value chain reform. According to FAW Toyota sales company general manager Jiang Jun, although FAW Toyota more than 80% of the dealer profit level of more than 3 times in 2015, but the company will pay more attention to value chain reform in 2017. First of all, the company plans to reduce the zero ratio, to provide users with the following average price of after-sales service. At the same time, FAW Toyota will build shop costs down to 300 million, and plans to small stores in small cities into small stores to quickly adapt to the market.
  With the Japanese brand of Guangzhou Automobile Honda also developed a more pragmatic goal. In 2016, Guangzhou Automobile Honda annual sales exceeded 600,000. For 2017, Guangzhou Automobile Honda made a sales target of 680,000, of which Guangzhou Automobile Honda brand sales of 650,000, Acura brand sales of 30,000.
  At the end of October 2016, Guangzhou Automobile Honda launched a medium-sized SUV product crown, although the two months after the listing of the terminal delivery is not high, but the official said a large number of orders have not yet have to be delivered, is expected in 2017 will become the car's sales outbreak The In addition, Acura brand will be launched in 2017 its first domestic car TLX, plus in October 2016 launched a small SUV models CDX, dual-car together force the impact of 30,000 target.
  In view of this, whether it is independent brands or the joint venture brand stability strategy, all combined with their own situation to the future of the product layout. With the purchase tax halved preferential policy of gradual withdrawal, 2017 China's auto market also added a few variables. Until the end of the year, it is hoped that these or radical or stable goals have been successfully completed.

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