Than the JAC catch a family service skills contest final Hefei ending

Posted on 8/30/2017 10:43:35 AM

Family service, professional win! August 28, 2017 JAC passenger car "JAC a family" service skills contest finals landing Hefei. After two months of regional competition, from nearly 500 participating in the country stand out from the public service gathered in Hefei, compete for the finals champion, and to show the vast number of consumers JAC increasingly sophisticated service level. After a period of 3 months of service skills contest, JAC all the Department of service staff "will learn to catch up", and the emergence of a large number of excellent skills, service-class service skills elite. At the same time, JAC "JAC a family" service brand has been continuously upgraded to become Jianghuai to achieve the brand up the important soft power.
This service skills contest to "family service, professional winning" as the theme, combined with the success of previous events experience, once again innovation and upgrading. This year's competition is team-based. Each participating team is composed of a service consultant, two service technicians and one spare part manager. It is around the after-sales service policy, the whole process exercise, and the service operation ability. Race training "purposes.
This year's service skills contest updated by the spare parts manager of the competition, and service consultant competition also joined the micro-core function, exclusive service consultants surgery, service product portfolio marketing words examination three points, the final results in accordance with the service technicians, service consultants , Spare parts manager (4: 3: 3). This year's finals is divided into theoretical examination and practical operation of the two links, the theoretical part of the study is the master of the relevant theory to master the situation, further consolidate the theoretical basis of the players; and practice part of the service skills contest has been the main player In the specified time, through the level of competition service, maintenance skills, spare parts support capacity and other projects, showing a wonderful Competition drama.
It is worth mentioning that since the new energy models in the last year as a test model for the first time this year for the new energy theory, the proportion of real operation are further increased. Through the finals of the hot competition, the contestants with a wealth of experience and skilled skills to conquer the presence of judges and the audience, fully demonstrated a good Jianghuai service personnel technical style.
Through the Lu'an, Shenzhen, Jinhua, Baoding, Texas, Chengdu and other Class A regional competition for the final victory in the final competition for the final competition, this year's service skills contest once again achieved a complete success. Through the service skills contest this "to race training" in the form of all dealers to provide a competitive platform at the same time, a good create a "catch than catch" atmosphere, a wide range of overall service personnel to improve the professional skills Level, enhance the brand image of JAC brand. The future, JAC will continue to user needs as the core, to maintain accurate insight into the market, enhance the "JAC a family" service brand can not copy the competitiveness of JAC in the fierce competition in the market to win the market.

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