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Posted on 8/27/2014 3:50:52 PM

On the 26th, Manzhouli Customs statistics released: January 2014 to July, imports of automotive parts through Manzhouli Port 3.07 billion yuan, representing an increase of approximately 46% over the same period last year, the EU is the largest source of imports.
Manzhouli in Inner Mongolia, China's largest land port, located transportation hub between Asia and Europe Continental Bridge first, is the gateway to Europe and Russia and other CIS countries most convenient, most economical and most important land and sea transport large channel.
Data show that from January to July, imports from the EU Manzhouli automotive parts 3.069 billion yuan, an increase of 46.1%, accounting for 99.9 percent over the same period the total value of imports of automotive parts crossings. Among them, the imports of 2.68 billion yuan from Germany, an increase of 28.1%.
When Manzhouli Customs General Statistics Department analyst Tian Wei analyze the reasons for substantial growth in auto parts imports pointed out that China's automobile production and assembly have not yet fully realized localization, engines, transmissions and other key parts are still heavily dependent on foreign imports. Automobile Association statistics show that in the first half of China's automobile sales were completed respectively 11,783,000 and 11,684,000, respectively, an increase of 9.6% and 8.4%, driven by continued growth in demand for imports of auto parts.
It is worth noting that China has opened automotive parts antitrust investigation. NDRC carried out on the part of the foreign car companies to implement auto parts and bearings price fixing case investigation, and according to the law out of huge fines. With the advancement of anti-monopoly work, China's automobile market will be further standardized, beneficial long-term development, but may also be in the short term the market for auto parts imports cause some volatility.

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