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Posted on 3/25/2015 3:17:06 PM

On the large domestic SUV market, can be regarded as the benchmark grade Highlander models. In the non-appearance of competitive products in the domestic market, when it became the most important in the Chinese market, Toyota SUV models.
As a representative for Guangzhou Toyota Highlander peak annual sales once topped 95,000, has become an important pillar of guangfeng overall profits. And even before the 2014 generation, the average monthly sales of nearly 7,000 units outstanding achievements, but also enough to show its strength. There is no doubt that once the Toyota Highlander dominance in the domestic market of seven mid-sized SUV almost no one can shake.
Now, with the market demand gradually started to change, more and more families eager group travel. Seven enthusiasm midsize SUV market is about to be secondary to ignite. Guangzhou Toyota Highlander new investment choice at the moment, no doubt hope in the next five years, the continue to lead this lucrative market segment.
In fact, today's market, more and more car manufacturers have started to target the mid-sized SUV seven piece of cake, including the modern new Shengda, Kia Sorento L, Buick Enclave and the upcoming Ford entire domestic industry and other cutting-edge. Future market competition will become very cruel, but at the moment it has already gone through the localization Highlander lead time of two years, is believed to have done the deal overall competition.
"Only go beyond Highlander Highlander" is not an empty word, in terms of how to Highlander beyond their means to go beyond the opponent. Price 239,800 -42.28 million new Highlander given so many dealers have lifted, and even the executive vice president Li Hui also boldly admitted that "entry-level 2.0T model 5 we achieved 24 the price of ten thousand or less, which is the Toyota Camry has never been dropping prices, the purpose is to significantly enhance the performance of products at the same time, to narrow the distance between the consumer. "
Compared to the past, the new entry-class models Highlander prices are down close to 10 000, while in the end configuration models of price adjustment even more than 10,000, is particularly evident intention of self-transcendence. And this not only means that the price of the Highlander will continue to consolidate its position in the original medium and large SUV market, and even eating into the market share of the number of compact SUV, so more opponents feel the pressure.
In addition to a breakthrough price, the new Highlander achieve the same strength in product innovation, a change in technology over the past Toyota conservative strategy in the Chinese market, while the new 2.0T engine is the best example. This engine is used to replace the original 2.7L naturally aspirated engine, is currently on the Lexus NX models that section of the same model. New 2.0T engine lowest fuel consumption of only 8.2L, fuel economy has been further improved.
Meanwhile, after a new generation of domestic Highlander suspended by the old section to dual-link double-wishbone independent suspension, and four-wheel drive provides a new system, vehicle stability and adapt to various aspects of roads have been further enhanced. The old section of 5AT gearbox are all upgraded to a 6-speed automatic transmission, a lot of these technical upgrade all consumers who see Toyota's sincerity.

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