The second half of the auto market or continue to slump July stock index is still over the warning line

Posted on 8/10/2017 3:13:03 PM

The first half of this year by the industry as the auto market in the past decade the worst start. Some experts said that the future trend of the automotive market is not optimistic, the first half of the downturn may continue to the second half of the state.
Inventory warning with the worst start
Parallel to sales is the increase in inventory. Automotive industry dealers in the first half of the inventory has been at a high level, the data show that in June the dealer inventory early warning index was as high as 60%. The reason, in June part of the car for failing to complete the six-year goal, increased the dealer's task of car, plus the automobile market in June is the traditional off-season, the market demand decline, resulting in increased inventories. With the arrival of the auto market off-season, dealers also began to control the level of inventory, making the stock index eased, but the July inventory index is still above the warning line, indicating that the current dealer inventory pressure is relatively large.
China Automobile Dealers Association, said Fan Yu, director of industry coordination, from July's latest survey data, the situation is still not optimistic. July and August is the traditional off-season of the automobile market, coupled with some places there have been extreme weather, to some extent affected the new car sales, and the future auto market is not optimistic, car sales prices will decline further.
Multi-factor led to lower market prices
The first half of this year's car sales data show that from the beginning of January, the domestic auto market in a cooling state, until May, the auto market began to pick up in June passenger car sales began to show positive growth.
Analysis of the reasons, on the one hand, with the purchase tax halved and new energy subsidies to land reclamation, part of this year sales in advance last year overdraft. On the other hand, the automobile industry in the same period last year developed better, higher base, which led to the first half of this year compared to poor performance in the automobile market. In addition, this year the automotive industry upstream coal, steel, colored and other prices and terminal demand is relatively weak, resulting in intermediate manufacturing and retail links of low profits, consumer spending is relatively slow.

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