New Jetta or face the second installation of the liner cited new issues recall

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If AQSIQ tested assessment that the FAW - Volkswagen recall measures can not eliminate security risks, which means that the installation will be recalled vehicles lining again
March 23, FAW - Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FAW - Volkswagen) 2015 models Sagitar officially listed in Zhuhai.
It is understood that 2015 models Sagitar has abandoned the original non-independent suspension, replaced by a higher cost of independent suspension. However, the number of car Home posted a press release, the rule of law Weekend reporter found that the rear suspension problems for consumers are quite concerned either mention or hastily passing.
Car poly mesh editor Shuo Wu Cheng believes that common sense point of view, the FAW - Volkswagen should vigorously promote the improvement of the new generation Sagitar upgrade now so low-key reason may be very simple, do not want to stimulate the purchase before the new Jetta owners, lead to more dissatisfaction. Currently, around Sagitar owners activism come and go, has let the FAW - Volkswagen and Volkswagen China is a big headache.
Although the FAW - Volkswagen so "cautiously" and still did not stop the live again pushed the cusp - Sagitar may face secondary recall.
Recall and recognition recall record two different things
"General Administration is not to say that the record of the approval of this recall program, the recall proposal is feasible Administration needs further evaluation and demonstration." Recently, Heilongjiang Sagitar owners Julie (a pseudonym) to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (hereinafter referred to as quality control Administration) when asking questions after the suspension of the vehicle, so the staff AQSIQ reply.
According to Julie introduced her in June 2014 to buy a new Volkswagen Sagitar, less than a year's time, right now trailing arm rear suspension deformation 0.9mm, the left side of 0.4mm, while the manufacturers say is a variation of less than 2mm is safe. Because of the FAW - Volkswagen no longer believe in the words, so she asked to AQSIQ the statement is accurate, the result is another misunderstanding uncover consumers - recall the record would mean AQSIQ approved the recall program.
"In reality, some of the FAW - Volkswagen dealers are always with 'Administration for record' grounds, saying the solution has been officially recognized authority, to comfort consumers and allow them to accept the installation of the liner solutions." Julie explained further.
Rule of law Weekend reporter in an interview that, not just Julie, many consumers see AQSIQ official website announced the recall program, is that the program has been approved by the AQSIQ, only to be released.
Shuo Wu to the rule of law Weekend reporter analysis, said: "This misconception can not blame the consumer, because so far, has not been found which had a negative AQSIQ car prices recall solutions."
"Recall is the FAW - Volkswagen behavior Administration just for the record its recall measures, and then press releases, so that consumers understand the recall of facts" above AQSIQ staff further explained.
Another AQSIQ staff also said that if the law does not give the Administration approved a plan cheqi recall powers, play a role in the supervision of the General Administration of car prices in the recall process, and it will test and evaluate its recall measures.
Wang Ying automotive experts to analyze the rule of law Weekend reporter said: "Staff AQSIQ statement is accurate recall is divided into two, one is made by the manufacturers themselves recall, called a voluntary recall if the owner has no objection to AQSIQ. not to investigate, but things like this Sagitar, manufacturers of this recall, we call incomplete recall, because its program has been questioned so many owners, the AQSIQ need to recall program for public review. Another An AQSIQ found that if there are security risks or tested vehicle recall program evaluation found that manufacturers can not solve quality defects, requiring manufacturers to recall, called a mandatory recall. "
Auto analyst Jia Xinguang, agrees, saying: "Sagitar manufacturers are voluntarily recalling the recall, just for the record to the AQSIQ, do not need to be approved, but if consumers do not agree with the recall program, controversial, Manufacturers should stand, AQSIQ should also be evaluated. "
The installation of the liner brings new problems
Since Volkswagen announced the recall of the new Jetta and Beetle car since around the new Jetta recall all the controversy did not stop at more than 50 million affected owners, many people are unable to accept the public "patch" solution.
For this reason, once the new owners Sagitar Sagitar product quality issues will FAW - Volkswagen prosecuted to the Changchun Automobile Technology Economic Development Zone People's Court, but was rejected.
Well, this has been dubbed the "patch" measures are effective, the information from the public point of view, only FAW - Volkswagen aspects reply AQSIQ has not given an answer.
For the "patch" solution, FAW - Volkswagen explanation given is that the critical metal liner will make the suspension longitudinal load increases, such as the rear axle trailing arm fracture, the installation of the metal liner can be issued a warning sound, and can guarantee stability of the vehicle.
However, from the current situation reflects the owner's point of view, not only did not ensure the stability of the metal lining, and returned to the vehicle safe driving brings new problems.
Owners from Shenzhen Ping (a pseudonym) told reporters reflect the rule of law weekend, after the patch, comfort and safety of the vehicle significantly reduced. "Vehicle poorly controlled in normal too sharp bends, almost lost control of the vehicle several times, almost next to other vehicles and pedestrians hit; and when the vehicle had a flat road, the rear suspension more than the patch is not installed before the vibration and abnormal sound a lot, when driving a vehicle after suspension feels like going to fall apart as well. "
Taiyuan owners Gao Jun (a pseudonym), Chongqing owners Leach (a pseudonym) have agreed to this, Leach said: "My car before the patch appeared crow's feet, but not very serious, no burst paint and deformation; but After the patch, check back their own vertical arm, trailing arm began after rust and chipped paint lines phenomenon vehicles often wandering, 4S shop is also located ten times (two stores), there are still problems; And after suspension obviously a lot of hard, vehicle handling is far worse. "
Complaints platform on Chinese automotive quality networks, some consumers said after the patch, vehicle controlled, comfort was significantly better than in the past.
More Hanzhong one owner told reporters law weekend, when he said that when the patch to be removed, Volkswagen 4S shop staff said, "If the owners request removal of the liner, there must FAW - Volkswagen headquarters issued a notice under demolition order, we in strict accordance with the FAW - Volkswagen headquarters prescribed execution. " And he told the FAW - Volkswagen phone consultation time, its customer service, said, "your vehicle, I will follow the normal process to the 4S shop to do the feedback process, through the 4S shop to do testing, judgment, and then give you the right 4S shop solution. "
"Now the FAW - Volkswagen took the ball to kick us consumers when a recall program is public record recall, the problem is the mass production of the vehicle, why put the blame on the 4S.?" The owner said.
Sagitar may face secondary recall
On the one hand, the new Volkswagen Jetta owners do not accept the recall measures proposed solutions, on the other hand, many Sagitar owners also questioned: AQSIQ in the end whether the FAW - Volkswagen recall program to assess and demonstrate?
"Every time I call to ask AQSIQ, the staff are always saying, 'Now AQSIQ still recall measures for the public to test and evaluate them, the results have not come out, please be patient'." Julie said.
Reporters once again rule the weekend as the owners call Sagitar AQSIQ defective product management center, its staff made the same reply.
"Assessment and test results when to come out?" The rule of law Weekend reporter further asked.
"Concrete progress on our side is not very clear. If you really want to know, you can apply to the AQSIQ Web site public information." The staff said.
Julie to the rule of law Weekend reporter sent a AQSIQ government information disclosure of this book, told in the book shows "Due to the current Bureau defect investigation is in progress in order to ensure the investigation of defects impartiality and independence, the survey Details of the process, progress, data, surveys, etc. not to open. "
Wang Ying Law weekend to tell reporters: "As far as I know, the AQSIQ FAW - Volkswagen recall testing measures since last December has not stopped, but as the national authorities, from a strict point of view, to come up with the data. argumentation, relatively speaking, is a relatively lengthy process. Because of the experimental process, technology, and other factors that may change at any time, in the middle really can not stand, can not explain to the owners. "
"But, from the rational point of view, as the authoritative organ, issued a statement in the middle, such as our experiments in progress, please wait for the majority of owners still very necessary. It also shows that the network is developed, more and more information transparent today, national authorities to deal with the issue of the need to improve the way. ", said Wang Ying further.
AQSIQ also said in its announcement, the State Administration of Quality Supervision Law Enforcement and Supervision Organization AQSIQ defective product management center started defect investigation interviews repeatedly FAW - Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., and the large number of users visit, site survey, defect analysis and expert technical assessment work.
However, in a sigh, voices of doubt, the public continued implementation of the program in accordance with the original recall, AQSIQ is continuing to test, evaluate.
"If AQSIQ tested assessment that the FAW - Volkswagen recall measures can not eliminate security risks, it means that the installation will be recalled vehicles lining again," Wang Ying to emphasize, "only the replacement of independent suspension to break from the fundamental solution shaft problem. "
AQSIQ staff answering the phone said Julie, if after an argument Administration recall program car prices exclude security risks reach goal, then the Administration would require a recall or take other measures again.
In addition, the media communication at March 12, the FAW - Volkswagen official said: "Sagitar recall work since February 2, 2015 implementation is progressing well, the first month of positive results achieved by 2015 3. March 11, we have to install a total of 293,003 units for vehicles Sagitar metal liner, only a month's time to complete the recall rate of 52%, with remarkable results. "
Many consumers to rule the weekend, told reporters that many vehicles do not have to install the liner, but found the information had been recalled in the maintenance record system in the Volkswagen, there is the installation of the liner vehicle data deceptive, public suspicion of making a false information.

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