McLaren pure electric supercar information listed 2020

Posted on 6/6/2016 3:09:01 PM

Recently, some foreign media reports, McLaren is planning to build a new electric supercar, the new car plan officially listed in 2020, priced at about 100 million pounds.
McLaren announced the 2016 Geneva Motor Show Track22 business plan, which will focus on creating content revealed that McLaren pure electric cars by 2022 50% of its models will be pure electric or plug-in design, recently, the program which is a pure electric supercar to be exposed.
Previously, the model was considered to be McLaren Ultimate Series (final series) replacement model, but according to the latest information on the current display, the new car will indeed return Rumaikailun Ultimate Series series, but at the same time belong to the series positioning in Mackay under Lun P1, and track the development focus of the sports car can be driven on the road, which will have among Bimaikailun Super Series 675LT has faster acceleration and a top speed of more than 322km / h. And it all comes from a pure electric system.

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