Lincoln launched the new head-up display Continental car first application

Posted on 3/30/2017 10:17:31 AM

Lincoln recently for the new car equipped with a new head-up display, concern, car safety performance will be greatly improved. Ford announced that its luxury brand Lincoln will launch a new head-up display, the first to apply to the mainland luxury cars. The system will be the best in the same product brightness, the largest display of a.
This new system is very eye-catching in improving safety performance. In the driving, when the driver through the windshield to watch the front road, the head-up display will be clearly projected on the windshield speed, driving direction and other key information on the screen, the driver without looking down the console, which can be more Focus on driving and improve driving safety.
Lincoln's head-up display can display information including: speed, outside the temperature, lane maintenance status, adaptive cruise control system and car oil and so on.
The new head-up display system is similar to the technology used by fighters. In the fighter, the key information in flight can be projected on the front of the pilots in the pilots, in the battle pilots do not have to distract the bottom of the control device.
The Lincoln Continental upgraded head-up display focuses on how to project the screen on the windshield. Lincoln Motor officially announced that Lincoln Continental is the first digital light projection technology (DLP) car, so that drivers can wear polished sunglasses can clearly see the projection of the screen.
"The DLP chip used by Lincoln Automotive is manufactured by Texas Instruments, and Lincoln owners can see a higher-definition picture than the different technologies used by other brands of cars," said Anthony King, Lincoln's product design engineer. Therefore, what is better, higher and lower judgment.
In addition, as the temperature gradually pick up, as an additional benefit, Lincoln mainland windows painted with infrared reflective coating, can effectively reflect the sun, so that the car has a cool and appropriate temperature, which also add a lot of this car.

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