August sales: policy help end cars has fallen significantly

Posted on 9/12/2016 10:40:08 AM

China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as "Automobile Association") recently announced August sales data, car sales showed a growth over the same ring, and sales year on year growth rate of over 20%. Low-emission vehicle tax incentives may be in the end of the year, thus promoting the role of the automobile market continues.
This year, in addition to sales in February compared to the same period last year, a slight decline, the rest of the year have increased. This year from January to August a total car sales to 16.846 million and 16.755 million, an increase of 10.82% and 11.43%. Assistant Secretary-General Chen Shihua Automobile Association believes that the national launch of 1.6L and below displacement vehicle purchase tax policies to promote the role of the automobile market is very obvious. In addition, this year the growth rate was also higher now and the low base last year related.
Car "turn things around" SUV still maintain high growth
In August, car sales 878 800 and 916 200, growth of 0.58% and 11.07%, an increase of 23.26% and 20.12%. Since May of this year, car sales fell after the end, it has shown a year on year sales growth. Until August of this year, only to reverse the downward trend of total sales, respectively, year on year was 0.16% and 0.77% of micro growth.
The remaining segment of the market, SUV sales continue to maintain rapid growth, MPV also showed a steady upward trend. In August this year, SUV sales 646 000 and 654 100, growth of 3.53% and 12.58%, an increase of 43.07% and 43.86%; MPV sales of 162,200 and 180,400, production decreased 10.23%, 17.67% sales growth , an increase of 35.24% and 35.93%. The cross passenger cars is difficult to alleviate the decline in August sales fell 36.88%.
It is understood that this year's car market has been introducing new models or replacement of models on the car market has obvious stimulation. And each year's premium brand products are mainly around heavy sedan.
However, for its own brand, the downward trend in the car market share has been no relief. In August this year, 160,000 own-brand car sales, market share was 17.5%, down 1.1 percentage points. Before August autonomous car market share fell 2.4 percentage points. And autonomous SUV and MPV market share continues to grow.
Purchase tax by half policies help significantly
August, 1.6L and below passenger car sales of 1.292 million, compared to the same period last year 40.7%, higher than the overall growth rate of passenger cars. Its sales accounted for 72%, with 0.7 percentage points last month to upgrade.
The end of September last year, the national launch of 1.6 liters and below passenger car purchase tax policy, policy implementation time for the October 2015 --2016 December For purchase tax policy whether to continue the implementation of the Automobile Association Deputy Secretary-General expressed Jianhua division, 1.6L and below purchase tax policy for the promotion of the role of the automobile market is extremely clear from the association point of view, the short-term policy on car the market is favorable, the association also hopes purchase tax policy can be postponed.
Eliminate new energy cheat up to guide the sound development
In August, new energy vehicle sales continue to maintain rapid growth, an increase of 92.2% compared to the same period last year. Before August accumulated 115.6 percent growth.
September 8, the Ministry of Finance announced the "budget and final accounts open and promote the use of new energy vehicles subsidies special inspection briefing about the place." Bulletin of five typical cases of public exposure, involving central government subsidies of more than $ 1 billion. In this regard, the Automobile Society, said the new energy vehicles cheat up the survey results will be released to guide the new energy automotive industry to orderly and healthy development.

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