The first is the supply and demand of imported cars ten years to double down inventory of 5.1 months

Posted on 6/3/2015 10:22:20 AM

For 10 years of rapid development of the import car market in 2015, but supply and demand has double down, China's imported car market began to enter the depth adjustment.
After May 30, the "First Financial Daily" reporters in the circle of friends issued "Beijing Financial Street Beijing Maserati showroom closed" message, triggering a strong concern.
June 2, from January to April, China imported car market statistics released by China Automobile Dealers Association showed that from January to April, China's auto imports fell 19.9% on the market a specific brand of imported car sales volume fell 6.7% where in April, import car brand market terminal decline 9.7%.
China Customs in 2014 from January to April of China's passenger car (excluding buses and trucks), the import volume of 433,000, the figure from January to April 2015, China's auto imports about 34.7 million.
Deputy Secretary-General Automobile Dealers Association, Jung Sam Shaw said the market situation of supply and demand double the decline must re-examine the requirements of multinational companies in China, re-adjust the marketing strategy. "Imported car market is really the destocking phase of destocking in 2015 will be the main task of the import car dealers." He said.
Seven Factors
China Automobile Dealers Association Committee Hu Silkies imported cars will affect supply and demand in China's auto imports double drop attributed to seven, in addition to decline in macroeconomic, she believes that "the Chinese government's strong anti-corruption suppression of high consumption, consumer behavior has occurred great changes, so that consumers return to a more rational consumption of state. "
Through ten years of historical data imported car market research and analysis, "growth and GDP growth is closely related to the import car market." Hu silk feather represents, "GDP growth higher than 8% of the time, imported cars doubling the growth rate is higher than GDP growth. GDP growth below 8, when the growth rate of imported cars are not as rational as the domestic car growth, may be disguised to accelerate the decline of the situation. "She said, imported cars the market is accelerating back to reality, close to the real needs of the market.
Hu Silkies pointed out that with the strong anti-Chinese government since 2012, and before that a lot of people in order to face and consumer luxury brands, with strong anti-corruption since 2012, many products and branded consumer senses. "One of E-Class sales in 2013 to 2014 also fell by 50%."
Moreover, as countries improve vehicle fuel limit requirements, import displacement of the lower end of the car is already a trend. As of April, 3.0L less displacement of the vehicle has reached 93% of the total imported cars. It also accelerates the homogenization of competition from imported cars and domestic high-end models, compared with a model after domestic prices will be reduced by one third.
Also car purchase, more best-selling models are made in China, the new model does not make up for the markets also affect the key reason the imported car market supply and demand double down.
Market Impact
According to statistics from the China Automobile Dealers Association, January to April, China imported car market industry inventory (including vendor inventory and dealer inventories) up to 5.1 months, including imported cars dealer inventory depth of 2.46 months, which also means that China's luxury car market, auto day be not only hard to get, the same charge of car import car companies are facing greater pressure on the stock.
In the context of the overall market oversupply, responsible for the import of car makers can no longer as simple as in the past will be directly passed on dealer inventory pressure. Similarly, in common "to stock" voice of imported cars Shipping index market further increased. According to statistics, in April 2015, China imported cars has reached an average discount rate of 11.2%.
Characteristics of high-end imported cars personalized models. With further increase of imported cars the discount rate, its influence has been further enlarged surface.
First, with the lower prices of imports, rather than competing with the level of domestic models will inevitably further depress prices to remain competitive. If this hypothesis is true, which is bound to the same as dominoes, it has affected the price of the most low-end domestic auto companies are the bottom models of market prices.
Secondly, the domestic prices of imported cars generally higher developed "parallel import car" business is bound to be affected. And because the entire import car market supply and demand fell significantly, in parallel import car business trading company if there is no reasonable channel planning, inventory planning, financial planning, it is very easy to get into trouble.

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