Deal countdown car "national team" Adds members

Posted on 11/11/2015 11:02:19 AM

"Limousine Deal" comments yesterday, just after the field is seen as the biggest "X factor," the official limousine adding new members. Guangzhou Municipal CPPCC members Han Zhipeng said the official version of the car in Guangzhou, "as some taxi" closed beta testing, and plans to begin beta Spring Festival this year. This is the second time after the first steam about cars, another has a "national team" background car reached the market. North quotient Institute point of view, although having a legitimate qualification for operation and other aspects of the advantages, but also face the country, such as about the taxi policy uncertainty, while difficult to be the most important issue flow, the user is also a "regular car" grow facing the short term.
Guangzhou official version car "as some taxi" before the extravaganza. It is understood that, "as some taxi" vehicles and drivers are from Guangzhou regular taxi company, car drivers no longer charge elements of money, and a "salary commission" way to hire car drivers. In terms of price, "as some taxi" Release comfort, business, luxury and other models, in which comfortable car starting at 18 yuan, slightly higher than the market price on the car, about the price of Guangzhou City Taxi about twice. Payments, such as about the taxi supports credit, micro-channel, Baidu wallet, cash and even supports Guangzhou local bus card "secure way" to pay.
According to relevant sources, such as from about taxis currently in internal testing phase, the vehicle involved in the closed beta of nearly three hundred. Beijing Daily reporter investigation learned about taxis as by the Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Committee and institutions directly under the Guangzhou City Public Transport data management center developer and operator, on-line version of the software IOS1.0.0 time in June this year.
Because in beta stage, more information about, such as about taxis not known. However, referring to the official car had similar first steam about cars, such as about taxis entering the car market is still big spenders might face insufficient flow and user difficulties. Anonymity of the first steam about truck drivers to Beijing Daily, told reporters that the first steam about cars is also a "burn" approach to pull new users, but the driver currently can only access a single volume a day on average 6-7 orders. And the first steam about cars exactly the same as in the beta stage about taxis are "suffering the burn." A Guangzhou taxi company official recently said in an interview that the car companies to participate in the closed beta of about fifty or sixty vehicles, vehicle operation, driver training costs borne by the company, for the enterprise is not a small expenditure. There is also the person in charge said, and "burn" the bigger problem is compared to competition policy uncertainty and with Didi travel, Uber and other platforms.
Data show that drops quickly have occupied the entire car market share of more than 90%, more solid market position. Experts believe North to the Institute, as the first state-owned Automobile Group's first steam about cars, rather the government, state-owned background of the national car and drops of travel and other Internet companies compared to no advantage on the operating mode of thinking and innovation, If the user has been used instead of the old state-owned enterprises thinking thinking Internet companies to operate the product development difficulties is not small.

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