Mercedes-Benz owners are rich in China, says study

Posted on 11/29/2014 3:37:14 PM

Are white-collar workers, according to research possible brand of Mercedes-Benz owners in China may be driving a Cadillac successful businessman - Mercedes.

These are some of the eight brands of luxury cars property owners association in China, according to the report, Report Research Institute in Shanghai. Focus groups conducted by the research firm and luxury car owners 800 10 cities in the survey to describe the characteristics of different brands of car owners.

Luxury car brands are building their own image, in order to attract Chinese consumers, McKinsey & Company is expected to overtake the United States as the largest luxury car market in 2016.

Most Chinese consumers to buy a car for the first time, this is a new entrant to Infiniti, Nissan Motor Co. and Ford Motor Company's Lincoln opportunity from a more sophisticated identification card to gain market share. The average luxury car owners in China 33.5 years, with 984,000 yuan (€ 128,367) in annual revenue, according to the report.

Mercedes-Benz owners have the highest household assets 11.3 one billion yuan, while the Infiniti drivers lowest average wealth of the population to 644 million.

Audi, the best-selling luxury car brand in China, with government officials and BMW driver was a member of the relevant new rich, according to the report.

In the investigation of the eight brands, only the Lexus brand, Toyota Motor Corporation is no clear business property.

General Motors Corporation, on behalf of Daimler, BMW Group, Audi, Infiniti and Toyota did not immediately comment on the report's findings.

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