Mercedes-Benz released the largest-ever expansion plan will push the 12 new models

Posted on 11/7/2014 10:33:23 AM

German automaker Meidesaisi - Mercedes-Benz announced the largest in the history of car development program planned for 2020 introduction of 12 new models.
In "cars Mercedes-Benz China R & D of the opening ceremony of the Center" this week, the head of Mercedes-Benz R & D • Thomas Weber (Thomas Weber) confirmed that by 2020 there will be 12 new models alignment join.
Specific details of the new models are still kept secret. However, according to speculate that the new car is 12 GLE including coupe, class S Maybach Maybach Pullman level s, CLA fighter version, Class C convertible and the coupe version of the GLC, etc., also may include the debut of the latest concept car G-Code.
Mercedes-Benz Program was officially confirmed. Prior to this, Mercedes-Benz is also a statement, said its plug-in hybrid lineup will expand, plans to add 10 models. The strategy is part of the innovative technology from Mercedes-Benz to promote electrification products, reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles emissions standards of the EU 2020.
According to sources, Mercedes-Benz also plans to change the name of a variety of important models, cash GLK, M-Class and GL can rename GLC, GLE and GLS.

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