FAW - Volkswagen new Suteng quality life experience museum debut World Trade Day order

Posted on 7/15/2017 10:52:41 AM

July 14, Beijing Chaoyang District CBD ushered in many young people to stay onlookers - FAW - Volkswagen new Sagitar Quality Life Quality Life Experience Museum stunning debut World Trade Day, to carry out a two-day "quality of life" appreciation experience activities for the whole The commercial street to add a very taste and style of the "beautiful space" to attract a lot of young families come to take pictures and experience.
As we all know, Beijing World Trade Day with its unique fashion taste, leisure and entertainment, cultural and artistic atmosphere and was known as the "dream of the beginning of the place", and FAW - Volkswagen New Sagitar Quality Life Quality Life Experience Museum, At the impressive, considerable beautiful details, carrying the urban young family "quality of life" infinite yearning and pursuit, and thus become the eyes of the "ideal home."
When talking about FAW - Volkswagen as a car company, why in the World Trade Day order such a bustling commercial center to set up a not selling cars, and open to the public free experience to visit the "Grand House" it? FAW - Volkswagen sales limited liability company public relations public relations by Mr. Zhao Jianmin said:
"Quality Life" is a pioneer in the brand experience of the latest attempt to cross-border masterpiece, the purpose is to "quality of life" concept advocates, FAW - Volkswagen Sagitar with creativity and art to show the touch of texture life. In order to allow consumers to more in - depth understanding of the Sagitar brand, to experience the Sagitar carefully build the "quality travel" approach, 'zero distance' feel Sagitar brand advocated by the 'high - quality car life'.

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