Modern Kia push new models to pull China sales

Posted on 6/17/2017 10:24:05 AM

Hyundai Kia Motors has recently launched a new model, and hired a famous car designer, together with local enterprises to develop Internet vehicles, is committed to restore the "Sade" into Korea suffered heavy losses in China sales.
  Hyundai Kia Motors will be in the second half of 2017 in China have launched four new cars, namely Hyundai Motor's new ix35 and new small cars, and Kia Motors' new SUV models K2 CROSS and small car PEGAS. In addition to this 4 new car, the company will also part of the existing car improvement, and will be listed in China before the end of the year.
  In addition, Hyundai Motor also announced on the 7th will work with Baidu in China R & D Internet car, the relevant technology will apply to the second half of this year launched a new car. At the same time, "Hyundai Motor brand image Museum" will be settled in Beijing in September, will provide consumers with experience in the experience of modern car models. Hyundai Motor plans to enhance the brand image through the museum.
 respectively, and the decline continued to expand. Hyundai Kia said that the "Sad" contradiction is not the problem of individual enterprises can control, the company will fully respond to overcome the current crisis.

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