Development and Reform Commission said prices of Secretary: car prices tends to market pricing

Posted on 11/6/2015 4:11:55 PM

As the car entered the final week of the draft countdown parties interests of the game increasingly intense price car market has become the focus of regulation. November 5, the NDRC said prices of Secretary Xu Kunlin in response, said the Beijing News reporter's question, whether car or other services, the opinion is more inclined market pricing.
"The market is pricing rules should be supervised."
Ministry of Communications recently introduced this "network to operate a taxi service appointment Interim Measures (draft)", for a relatively sensitive to the price regulations, network reservation taxi tariff to implement government guidance or regulated by the market, do not enjoy the taxi fuel subsidies.
Discussion on the draft of the currently ongoing. Xukun Lin said that for emerging special needs, the demand for personalized travel service vehicles, "Whether it is car or other services, we are more inclined opinion research market pricing. However, even if the market price, but also related companies standard operations, but also fair and open, rule-based, can be supervised. "
In Xu Kunlin opinion, a taxi to supplement public transit in the country or implement basic government pricing. Foreign taxi and bus prices compared price spread is large, and our spread is relatively small, so the taxi market access is regulated, the price on the whole government to develop and establish tariffs and price linkage mechanism, based on oil prices Changes appropriate adjustments.
"Dynamic price is reasonable still to explore."
Transportation experts Attempt to Beijing News reporter said GM's current international taxi service types are divided into "Parade Taxi" "Taxi Reservation" categories. The former is usually the use of government price controls, which may make reservations in advance especially like about car rental use of market pricing.
"If it is instant booking a taxi, because the taxi is easy to produce a mismatch of demand and supply on time and space, from the perspective of the protection of consumer rights and interests to consider, the use of market pricing, or so-called 'dynamic price' is reasonable, whether the need to set a maximum limit price, worth exploring and decision-making of local governments in the future. "Attempt to say, if the" reserve taxi "to take with" Parade taxi "differences in development, the use of higher-quality services Parade taxi, you can set the price.

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