Regrowth energy vehicles sales to catch up with the fuel truck

Posted on 5/22/2015 10:33:40 AM

Recently, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry, State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the three ministries to support the policy of new energy vehicles, energy-saving travel halved the travel tax, new energy vehicles will be fully travel tax relief. The data show that in the first four months, the new energy automobile production in China increased almost threefold. Insiders said that, whether by car or increase the fuel consumption of traditional vehicles will boost the auto parts auto market after the new increase in energy demand.
Three ministries issued a document: tax relief on travel
Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry, State Administration of Taxation three ministries issued "on the use of new energy tax incentives for saving energy travel travel notice" (the "Notice") is clearly in line with the standard 1.6-liter fuel-burning gasoline, diesel passenger travel will enjoy preferential tax cut. And exempted from travel tax to include in the new energy vehicle category are: commercial pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid cars (with extended range), commercial fuel cell vehicles and pure electric passenger vehicles and fuel cell meets the requirements of the race car. Since last year, government ministries and local governments have introduced various directives. It is understood that Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places have introduced policies to support the development of new energy vehicles. At the same time, support the introduction of a variety of policies to attract the Guangzhou Automobile Group, SAIC and many other car manufacturers have introduced new energy vehicles in the Sixth International Automobile Exhibition New Energy recently held in Guangzhou, SAIC brand Roewe to bring two new Energy models - Roewe 550PLUG-IN plug-in hybrid vehicles and Roewe E50 pure electric cars debut.
Statistical data
Car sales: 1-4 months, sales of 8.28 million cars and 8.14 million, an increase of 4.12 percent and 2.77 percent, 4.87 percentage points and 6.3 percentage points more than the previous year.
Sale of new energy vehicles: 1 to April, new energy vehicle production was 34 400, an increase of nearly 3 times.
Data features:
1. Although this year compared with the performance of traditional fuel vehicles remains a big gap, but sales growth in recent years of new energy vehicles, but much higher than traditional vehicles fuel.
2. The most significant increase in sales of commercial vehicles decline. The first four months of sales of commercial vehicles 1.2172 million and 1.1709 million, down 19.13% to 18,505; cars continues to grow, the first four months of sales of passenger cars rose by 9.35% and 7.67%.
Millennium Development Industry: According to the State Council issued energy conservation and new energy development plan of the automotive industry, for 2,015 electric cars and plug-in hybrid cumulative production and sales strive to reach to 500,000 in 2020, when the production capacity of two million dollars, cumulative production and sales of over five million.
Source: Automobile Association
Three main problems
1. short mileage.
New energy vehicles mileage is short compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles are generally less mileage of 100-200 km.
2. Battery recharge time is short and long battery.
It is reported that the country, including battery manufacturers and materials manufacturers are about 400 companies related to the battery, but the relevant national rules for new car batteries for energy has not yet introduced, leading to higher development costs.
3. less style.
Consumers can buy in the market for new energy vehicles is very small, many manufacturers simply introduce some concept car, away from mass production there is some difference. According to the reporter noted, the longer manufacturers when publishing a variety of beautiful shape compared to vehicles conventional fuel, new energy vehicles now seem less attractive, a number of new energy vehicles only in the power system replacement of existing vehicle platform, and even some new energy vehicles make very animated way, unable to meet the diverse needs of consumers.
Outlook: parts and increased demand boost vehicle market
No matter what kind of car power system, the market for vehicle sales, will inevitably bring a much greater demand increase aftermarket. For the first four months of this year, car sales continue to rise year news, the recent actions of the auto parts sector by financial concerns, yesterday all parts sector rose 3.39 percent, Tianrun crankshaft (002,283), Wanfeng Auto (002 085) and 9 other stocks daily limit, while fully electronic (600699) rose 9.04%.
Insiders said that with state support of new energy automobiles and major automobile groups inside the country to accelerate the integration of the domestic car market is expected to rise further, while the enormous amount of existing car ownership inevitably achieve a further increase in market demand for auto parts, investors can pay close attention to the actions of the relevant sector.

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