2017 Shanghai Auto Show: Volkswagen I.D. Cross concept car

Posted on 4/19/2017 10:34:23 AM

In the 2017 Shanghai auto show, the public I.D. Crozz concept car officially released to the public. The new car is following the I.D. concept car, I.D. BUZZ concept car, the public launched the third paragraph I.D. series concept car, which is located in a pure electric cross-border SUV models.
I.D. Crozz's design style shows the future of the public family design concept, the front face is very technical sense, headlights using a full LED light source, while the internal use of a purple ribbon to decorate, unique style.
On the side, the overall line of the new car is very smooth, slippery back body shape in the two-color body against the background of the eye-catching, taillights through the design, both sides and the central through the rear of the black panel and the central public brand LOGO, and Its lighting effect is also very compelling. In addition, the new car's back door will also use the sliding open way, with four design, innovative but also has a certain sense of luxury.
Interior, the new car dashboard is very simple, using a 10.2-inch all-LCD dashboard, the steering wheel can be telescopic - and even can be integrated with the dashboard, and this design is to make the driver in the automatic driving process Have more room for activity. In addition, the new door on both sides of the door is also used in the form of touch keys, doors and windows / door lock control or will be touched or sliding way to achieve.

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