The new alliance into the Guangzhou Automobile Fick to explore high sales "magic"

Posted on 3/25/2017 9:56:48 AM

March 23, China's new mainstream automotive media alliance members gathered in Guangzhou, together into the joint venture car "dark horse" - Guangzhou Automobile Fick. This time, the new alliance will personally explore what they have "magic" to complete the three domestic Jeep new car product layout, and in one fell swoop last year set a sales of nearly 16 million units in China high.
Magic one: a comprehensive upgrade security
  Under normal circumstances, ordinary car users on the perception of security, often with the configuration table data glimpse of what. However, this time into the activities, China's new mainstream automotive media alliance has the opportunity to find hidden behind the configuration table can not see the "real effort."
  A comprehensive escalation of security is a matter of greatest concern to China's new mainstream automotive media consortium. According to Guangzhou Automobile Fick Jeep brand marketing director Wang Sicong introduced to the new Jeep guide who, for example, 64% of the body using 450-1600MPa of high-strength steel, higher than the same level of 30%. It is worth mentioning that the new Jeep guide who uses the United States IIHS roof hydrostatic test standards, the roof can withstand more than 5 times the weight of their own cars, rollovers can reduce the 50% of casualties. While the domestic roof static pressure test standard is only 1.5 times the weight of their own cars. It is no exaggeration to say that the new Jeep Guide is working to redefine the safety standards of the same level of the market.
Magic two: adhere to the pursuit of quality
  The quality of the building to rely on a large number of high-precision technology applications. New Jeep guide seat, chassis, mute ability, etc. have been rigorous testing. Through the 150 kg weight, 200,000 times the pressure test, the collapse of less than 1.3CM standard, designed to make every seat, ten years as new; dynamic chassis - four independent suspension + active adaptive damping system in the micro Sec time automatically change the resistance of the road, real-time change the size of the resistance, from the "softest" to "hardest" only 0.2 seconds; five mute project, bringing the daily city driving speed section, less than 60 decibels quiet cockpit.
  Wang Sicong said, "This year, Guangzhou Automobile Fick to do is put the brand real layout, consider the more excellent fuel economy, security, daily driving experience, etc. The whole brand and product line can be in the lower line of the market After seeking more recognition, the next year will usher in the big product year.Through the important products and then to the market, the whole brand will show a very healthy spiral growth.
Magic three: craving the market professional degree
  Leading technology and world-class manufacturing standards created a superior Jeep superior quality, and the inherent professional SUV gene is three domestic Jeep car quickly from their respective segments of the market stand out the key. Just a year, Guangzhou Automobile Fick will be completed from the small SUV to the layout of medium-sized SUV, build 13-30 million, covering a comprehensive, genetic professional, models of the latest domestic SUV super product camp. This means that the domestic Jeep professional gene is winning more and more consumers of all ages, fully meet the needs of different price segments of consumer upgrades.
  In April this year, Shanghai Auto Show, Guangzhou Automobile Fick will bring more surprises. "Today, China's online line interaction is far more than the United States. How to provide customized services for consumers, and make a series of purchase path more convenient, it is worth the Guangzhou-fu-fu," said Wang Sicong, director of marketing, At the same time, including new energy and Internet technology, including Jeep next generation of new technologies will also be further introduced at the auto show.

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