Toyota fuel vehicles Mirai market next year, the new energy increasingly competitive market, there is a rival boss Tesla

Posted on 8/2/2014 2:17:41 PM

Constant innovation, the most popular hero of the new energy automotive industry Tesla could soon find a rival.

Toyota have plans iwhich is first fuel cell car producted on series called Mirai (translated as "the future"), will be available in Japan, the United States and Europe from next year.

Information "First Financial Daily" obtained from Toyota aspect this factory have in full swing for the new cardevelop on the one hand, is to accelerate the infrastructure, for example,hydrogen refueling station, currently built in Japan, the country hydrogenation has a 26 station, on the other hand has started selling in the Japanese media, is officially on the list next year to prepare.

Recently,Toyota  announced the production of this fuel cell car in Japan, price quoting is about ¥ 9,500,000 (equivalent to approximately $ 69,000 yuan, 420,000 yuan). This turck will be officially listed on April 2016 in Japan, next year the car will be landing in summer and autumn, California, USA and European markets, but the price in the region outside of Japan has not been announced.

The car is hoped to become 480 km Mileage Mileage, zero to 100 kilometers acceleration time is about 10 seconds, a hydrogen fueling only three minutes.

Fuel cell vehicles, due to their high energy conversion efficiency, completely non-polluting emissions and a more convenient and efficient use conditions has been considered the ultimate sense of the development of new energy vehicles. However, later, in order to geth high cost of fuel cells, has not been able to popularize. Expert Committee of China Automobile Association expert Dealers executive Jia Xinguang (microblogging) accept the "First Financial Daily" talking car hydrogen fuel 10 years ago cost $ 2 million, which is now reduced to the original cost of about 2 / 40, less than $ 80,000, which has a market competitiveness can Bitesila competitive.

"Electric safety car lithium battery and stability, including Tesla and other diesel parts manufacturer is not really slove this problem now , the popularization still pointed to limitations of the current situation, it is possible to adust the step of cars  lithium battery electric Toyota, and leading towards the ultimate goal of the old auts development effort vehicle fuel energy. "Jia Xinguang think.

Jia Xinguang spoke for hydrogen fuel in China is not difficult materials such as hydrogen fuel can be extracted from the decomposition of methane, and these new energy cars price currently published more Bitesila more competitive, as Is China market, the important is whether the popularity of hydrogen fuel injection parts technology and hydrogen refueling stations and other facilities to build up.

One of the new vehicles automotive fuel energy also focus on promoting the development of China, a number of new energy vehicles policy are benefiting fuel vehicles. However, the reporter learned from Toyota, the company does not yet have this fuel cell cars entered the market in the world's largest Chinese car plan, the focus of development in China is still in a hybrid car.

Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Dong Changzheng (Click to see the latest messages figures) on the "First Financial Daily" speaking, in addition to conventional cars, hybrid Toyota in general (ie , non-plug hybrid -in), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and fuel technology vehicles, and other energy-saving vehicles and new energy in the field have continued a breakthrough, but the current stage in the market China energy-saving and new-energy cars is dominated by the development of common hybrid, consider the hybrid is the most mature technology, and in Japan, the United States already has a successful business model, currently global sales of hybrid cars have more than 6.7 million. From the present situation, the hybrid model are more fit to the dissemination and promotion in the Japan market.

Long Dong spoke, which is like climbing the Himalayas, a direct point up over 8000 meters the highest peak, is not impossible, but the risk is very large, prefer Toyota constantly moving step by step to climb. He said the current phase is focused on the development of non-plug-in hybrid, but does not rule out future plug-in hybrid launch in China, pure electric vehicles and fuels possible.

Subversion of the traditional market acceptance car takes a long time. Since 1997, Toyota launched the first mass-produced hybrid car Prius in the world, it took a long time to turn around. 2006, the second generation Prius were recommended  in China by the FAW-Toyota joint venture car prices from Toyota already on the market, the Prius has annual sales in China to remain at this level in thousands of cars, not reach profitability, cheaprice hinder his popularity to promote is one of te problems. With next year in China and realize the engine, transmission and other major parts made gradually hybrid models, Toyota hybrid vehicles will be reduced by the costs of manufacturer in China. Toyota cautious on China intends to concentrate larger, instead of running to the introduction of a large number of technology and expertise to support the infrastructure hybrid fuel vehicles cake first.

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