Wednesday finished oil prices will usher in the year the biggest gains

Posted on 10/18/2016 2:21:55 PM

Reporters learned from a number of social monitoring agencies, limited production news continued fermentation, the international oil prices around Yang, the rate of change in crude oil continued to rise positive. From the current trend, October 19, the domestic refined oil retail price will usher in the year the largest increase is expected to more than 280 yuan / ton, while the international crude oil rising, but also the achievements of the domestic refined oil wholesale price wave " "Quotes.
September 28, held in Algeria, OPEC informal talks, long-term production agreement was unexpectedly reached, after Russia also expressed willingness to participate in the agreement, driven by the emergence of international oil prices spurt, WIT and Brent oil prices rose to $ 51.35 / Barrel and 53.14 US dollars / barrel. International oil prices rose 1.1% in the week, and showed a trend of four weeks.
By this pull, as of October 14, Zhongyu information estimated rate of 10.51% change in oil, crude oil valuation in the 50.076 US dollars / barrel, compared with the benchmark price rose 4.763 US dollars / barrel, the Asian crude oil valuation 49.617 US dollars / barrel, Up 4.304 US dollars / barrel, the overall rate of stranded after the last round, temporarily expected 20 day zero oil retail price increases 285 yuan / ton.
Is expected to boost prices by a strong, recent domestic wholesale price of refined oil continued to rise. In Chongqing, for example, the transaction price of diesel on Tuesday, a substantial increase 650 yuan / ton, the lowest price from the southwest directly to the local maximum. Refined oil prices continued to rise, resulting in significant reduction in gas station sales profits. According to Zhuo Chong estimated that the current domestic gas station sales of state-owned refinery diesel profits have been reduced to 490 yuan / ton, a substantial reduction than a month ago 600 yuan / ton; gasoline profits from 1,800 yuan / ton down to 1,400 yuan / Ton.
"The latter part of view, crude oil will continue to show the recent trend of rising volatility, the market is expected to continue to ferment the bullish, the domestic wholesale price of refined oil will continue to push up.Of course, the current sales unit in some areas of diesel prices have risen to the main In this case, the implementation of refined oil before the implementation of the domestic gas station sales profits will continue to shrink. "Zhuo, a Meng Peng, said analyst information.

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