2017 China Clean Energy Auto Summit Forum will be held in July Jimo

Posted on 6/9/2017 10:09:31 AM

June 8, 2017, "2017 China Clean Energy Automotive Summit Forum" press conference held in Beijing National Convention Center. China Automobile Technology Research Center, deputy director of high and Health, Jimo City People's Government mayor Lu Tao, Qingdao Automobile Industry Metro Management Committee Director Jiang Liming and other leaders attended the press conference, China Automotive Technology Research Center, Automotive Technology Information Institute Wang Weinan presided over the meeting The
  At the meeting, Gao and Health Deputy Director announced: China Automotive Technology Research Center and Jimo Automobile Industry Association co-sponsored the "2017 China Clean Energy Automotive Summit Forum" will be held in July 2017, July 7 to 7 in Qingdao, Grand Hotel was held in the forum with "Green Development and Clean Energy Car Future" for the annual theme.
Gao and Health Deputy Director pointed out at the press conference that green development has become an important concept in the overall situation of China's economic growth and social development. Building green development of automobile industry is the most important development of automobile industry in the future. At the same time, along with the increasingly serious energy crisis, clean energy vehicle research and development and application has become China's auto industry transformation and upgrading of the important strategic choice. The China Gas Center and Jimo City jointly organized the "2017 China Clean Energy Automotive Summit", designed to pool the industry consensus, give the industry the power to jointly promote the rapid development of clean energy automotive industry.
  Mayor Lu Tao said that Jimo City to the old and new energy into theoretical guidance, strategic emerging industries as the guide, advanced manufacturing industry as the support, focus on building the automobile industry, textile and garment, market trade, modern logistics four hundred billion industrial clusters, The development of the automobile industry is particularly prominent, vehicle, parts, upstream and downstream service industry interlocking to form a complete development of the automobile industry chain, FAW - Volkswagen, FAW liberation and other vehicle projects into a strong development potential, The automobile industry leads industrial development out of "+" speed. Jimo City will work with China Gas Center to create a domestic first-class, industry-leading technology exchange platform for the development of the automotive industry, technical reserves, product layout and other scientific advice.

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