Parallel imports are no longer restricted by the shackles of minus certified factory authorized

Posted on 1/19/2016 3:38:32 PM

Although imported cars hit the winter, but the parallel has achieved sales of imported cars rose. Data show that in 2013 the country was 84,000 parallel imported vehicles, rising to 100,000 in 2014. January-October last year, the parallel imported cars has reached 92,000, accounting for 10.1% of total imports of cars, it is expected to parallel import 2015 cars accounted for the proportion of the total imported cars will exceed 10%.
However, many people in the industry view, the development of parallel imported cars yet to break through. "In the US, the proportion of parallel imports of cars across the imported car market reached more than 20%, while our parallel import car market share of only 10% in the whole of the components of the imported car market is not big enough." A car Industry analysts say. It is understood that since the beginning of last year to start a pilot, a real sense Shanghai FTA accordance with the norms of parallel imports of cars only a mere 50.
China Automobile Dealers Association, branch vice president of the automotive market tangible Su Hui believes that last year's poor sales of parallel imported cars, in addition to downward pressure on the domestic economy outside the main subject also parallel import car sales service and spare parts supply system is not perfect.
Not long before, the Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Department official also said that the current pilot car parallel imports are still some problems, some multinational car companies take to strengthen the dealer of the foreign control, refused to parallel import car warranty, adjust engine displacement and other strategies to increase the difficulty of parallel import car pilot. In addition, parallel imported cars and our current customs clearance, taxation, inspection, mandatory product certification, environmental standards, and three bags, recall and other systems supporting cohesion policy has not been entirely.
From the current development situation, the parallel imported cars really still in its infancy, the sale is still a big short board concerns of many consumers in mind, policy and regulatory system also needs improvement processes. And that certainly is a process from scratch, you need time to adjust and improve.

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