Major news: Investors may approve Chrysler Fiat merger plan

Posted on 7/31/2014 4:49:09 PM

Fiat shareholder is normal to approve the merger with Chrysler Group automaker when they last meet in Italy last Saturday.

Industry observers expect Fiat to gain the required merger are created the seventh largest automaker in the world, due to its biggest shareholder, the Exor, Fiat founding family holding company, owns 30.04% of the shares of a majority of two influential thirds.

At the Extraordinary General Meeting to be saied  Fiat positive feedback "is very much indeed, tell:" The industry analyst Milan.

Proxy advisor, his advice is usually accompanied by international investors, issued a different opinion to shareholders. Frontis Governance and ISS introduce one negative vote due to Exor voting rights of the combined company may increase up to 46 percent reduction in minority interests. However, Glass Lewis Fiat company said investors should vote for, in order to the benefits of the merger are pourer than the issues of interest.

Without attend the approval of the merger may be complicated Fiat Chrysler plans to list its shares to fund its business plan to five years in the United States and security.

Fiat Chrysler completed it's acquisition earlier this year and CEO Sergio Marchionne said on July 23, he was confident that the merger will be approved. Automakers are the Netherlands after the merger will be recorded, and asked Chrysler Fiat Nevada, or under FCA. Your goal is to have the opportunity to share the financial markets in New York in October, when a secondary listing is maintained in Milan. FCA will have tax residence in London to pay dividends to shareholders of the lowest tax benefits.

Shareholders 'Friday' will be historic because it will be in Turin, Fiat headquarters since its founding more than a century the last time. Future meetings will hold in Amsterdam.

new Models

Workers expect Marchionne Fiat told shareholders that the new models will be in underutilized Mirafiori plant in Turin automaker, is the oldest and largest plant construction.

Fiat tell it will invest 10 million euros for the construction of the first factory Maserati SUV, Levante, and other unknown products. The plant is only one of the six Fiat in Italy, his role in the latest business plan Malchow has not been fully revealed.

Automotive News Europe, sources said, have close to build the Mirafiori Levante variant of Alfa Romeo and Maserati GranTurismo coupe inherited.

"I hope this will clear his position on the matter within Marchionne," FIM CISL union of Fernando Uliano said.

Early voting Fiat and Exor Exor denied reports is working with the automaker Fiat Volkswagen to sell its shares to Germany. Fiat and PSA / Peugeot-Citroen also denied the Financial Times reported that the company is exploring the idea of merging.

Italy promises

CEO Marchionne and John Elkann, chairman of Fiat and Exor company strove to alleviate some of the Italians in their own country when Turin, the service will be offered, such as management commitment and opened the center, continuing concerns last week, only FCA and sister CNH industry. "This confirms the importance of Turin, Fiat and Chrysler have been," Erkan said.

If i approve the merger, shareholders will get one share of Fiat has one FCA each. They will also receive a number of special votes Fiat will hold, if they continue to shareholders in each of the next three years.

Fiat plans to set aside the purchase of shares to shareholders whome is interested in new up to 50 million euros. Marchionne said the merger would be in danger if Fiat had to pay more than the allocated more than 500 million. "If the digital cross for whatever reason, the merger will be ineffective," he said in a conference say Wednesday. "We had to do this paln again."

Fiat said the special voting rights of the shares offered will guarantee the existence of a stable shareholder base in the first year of the FCA.

Marchionne FCA objectives of the business plan to 2018, 4.4 million the past to promote global annual sales of 7 million vehicles, and increase earnings before interest and tax of 8.7 billion euros and 9 year € 8 1.000 million, an increase of 3.5 billion euros last year.

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