Transport green energy "Thirteen Five" development plan released

Posted on 6/14/2016 10:18:02 AM

Recently, the Ministry of Transport issued "Transport green energy" Thirteen Five "development plan" (the "Plan"), has put forward the concept of green development into the transport and the development of all aspects of the whole process, efforts to enhance environmental protection Transport quality, highlighting the concept of innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and institutional innovation, effectively play the role of government guidance, give full play the main role in strengthening public green traffic culture training, speed up the completion of green transportation system.
"Planning" to define the sixth aspect of the 17 major tasks required at all levels to improve the transport sector institutions and expanding sources of funding, to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, cultivating green culture, strengthening cooperation mechanism, to protect the green transportation system. 2020, to adapt to the significant progress the requirements of building a moderately prosperous society of a green transportation system has achieved. Industry continuously improve the efficiency of energy use, energy consumption structure has been significantly improved; environmental protection achieved significant results, the state's pollution control action requirements have been fully implemented, pollution incidents to further strengthen emergency response capabilities; resource conservation and intensive utilization, enhance circulation; Industry energy saving and environmental protection management system and mechanism is more perfect, regulatory and service capabilities significantly enhanced.
According to "planning", "Thirteen Five" period, continue to promote the restructuring of traffic transportation, improve transportation equipment energy efficiency, optimize transportation energy consumption structure, deepen institutional innovation and energy saving carbon reduction technology. New transport infrastructure to strengthen ecological protection, continue to promote the infrastructure has been built ecological restoration projects. Strengthen industrial air pollution prevention and control, water pollution control industry organizations to further enhance pollution incident response capabilities. Promote resource conservation and intensive use, strengthening the comprehensive and recycling. Green transport system and improve the standard system, strengthen environmental protection industry, energy management, and strengthening the statistical monitoring of energy saving.
Major development strategies in national service, "plan" put forward to support the integration of green transportation development of Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River economic zone to promote comprehensive perspective green corridors and Building "along the way" green transportation development management system.

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