BMW dealer concessions agreed to give 5.1 billion yuan of subsidies for reimbursement

Posted on 1/6/2015 4:17:47 PM

Until more than 20 days of stagnation relationships with suppliers of BMW, and finally eased. Side BMW dealer agreed to pay 5.1 billion yuan subsidy cuts, although less than the prerequisite of six billion yuan, compared with previous years, but a complete and an increase of 40 million yuan.
January 5 BMW launched "BMW and distributors for easier future to move forward," the open letter, "BMW and traders have reached a consensus on the general direction of the measures of financial support and business."
Due to the macroeconomic crisis and the rapid development of automobile dealerships in China in the past, living conditions 2014 car very poor China, after this newspaper reported that in 2014, nearly dealers Liu Cheng Chinese automobile at a loss, 90% or more of the new 4S stores have been losing money for three years.
Before BMW dealer rebate to manufacturers submit supplementary demands early December Benz without any prior notice to the "Quality Award special sales", the name given to the local sales models provide additional dealer incentives, totaling about 10 million. At the annual meeting held recently Audi, Audi has also announced that it will dealerships 2.05 billion yuan subsidy annually, of which 1.5 million paid to age, 550 million subsidy to the new store. Since then China Circulation Association also represents dealer for FAW Toyota distributor in China increased by 22 billion subsidy reimbursement.
An unnamed BMW dealer in the "First Financial Daily" said BMW dealer has agreed to 5.1 billion yuan of subsidies, compared with the previous year, an increase of 40 million yuan, of which 25,000 million before the Spring Festival on account, the remaining part of the subsidies in place in the first quarter.
BMW and its dealers are optimistic about the luxury car market in China, which over time will become both sides agree in principle.
Unger, president and CEO of Greater China market for BMW cars in China in 2015 found that the overall car market will increase with the increase of GDP, almost, about 7%, the market for passenger cars be slightly higher than the automotive market in general, may be 9% to 10%, and increased market for luxury cars will be slightly higher than the overall market for passenger cars will be slightly above 10 %. "Auto Update consumption trend is very clear that consumers expect 'next car to be better." "
"Luxury car market in China this strong,, under two moderate-digit growth continued until 2020." Angela believes that with the growth of the base, the growth rate of luxury cars future growth in China is likely to be about 10%, even slightly less than 10%. Compared to previous years, the high-speed growth, growth in the luxury car market in China to normalize, but compared to other major world markets such growth is still considerable. China will soon become the auto market world's largest luxury.
In this sense, the BMW in an open letter that the BMW and distributors are fully aware that China's auto market is experiencing rapid growth in the standardization process of steady growth. In this new normal, manufacturers and distributors to open the mind to strengthen cooperation and cultivate more the market and achieve win-win.

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