The new Honda Fit recall five times a year, internal quality control needs to be strengthened

Posted on 10/24/2014 11:39:52 AM

Japan's Honda Motor October 23 said it would recall 425,800 new Fit in Japan (Fit) ultra-compact hybrid car. Honda recalled within a year has five new Fit hybrid. Unburdened by this, Honda CEO Takanobu Ito and other 12 executives will pay 10% to 20% in three months time, and will appoint a senior management responsible for quality improvement.
The recall of the new Fit in Japan, mainly because of Japan's Takata Honda used the models produced airbags frequent accidents caused customer prosecution. "We have a lot of customers for the inconvenience caused by the move to apologize." Honda spokesman Akemi Ando (AkemiAndo) represents the latest in a fit to the media after the announcement of the recall program. Thursday Honda in Japan-listed shares closed down 1.4 percent, underperforming the broader market Japanese stocks Nikkei 225 index.
Honda side said that this recall and recall previous four still no injury or death due to accidents caused by design flaws airbags. The recall plan will result in 5.7 billion yen company (about $ 53 million) loss, the smaller the impact on company earnings. In addition, Honda Fit hybrid five terms, said the recall of about ¥ 16.5 billion total cost.
Because of continuous product quality recalls highlights worrying, within the next three months Takanobu Ito will accept 20 percent pay cut, including the chairman and vice chairman pool Fumihiko Tetsuo Iwamura, including other executives will pay 10%.
Since last year, due to the use of reason Takada problem airbags, in addition to the new Fit, the Honda is still the world's large-scale recall of other models. Takata airbag using a vehicle, the vehicle's front passenger airbag may fail in the event of a crash or explosion, this time, the pressure inside the airbag gas generator abnormal rise in metal housing may be broken and spilled debris, gas generator high-temperature gases may leak, or even fire, there are security risks. Because of this risk, following last year's recall of Honda Takada problem using balloon car, in June this year to expand in the global recall of 2.03 million, while the same is because the use of balloon worries Takada, Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (the "Honda China ") to China AQSIQ also filed a recall plan, as since July 23, 2014 in mainland China imported a total of three cars such as the Civic involved 10,710.
Honda China spokesman Zhu Linjie yesterday (the 23rd) to accept the "First Financial Daily" reporters talking about, the company is indeed in the Chinese market but also because of the use of Takada balloon and recall, but he refused to Honda airbag and large-scale adoption Takada resulting in frequent comment regarding the recall.
Not only is the Honda airbag risks unburdened by Takada, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Chrysler, BMW and other car companies because the use of Takata airbag recall being involved in the incident. According to the American authorities to statistics, last year, and vehicle year, Takata airbag malfunction recall bringing the total to 7.8 million. If you add other markets previously, due to the airbag problem Takada total number of vehicles in the global recall in mid-July 2014, it has exceeded 12.2 million. Recently, the United States safety regulators urged consumers affected by the same recall as soon as possible by replacing the hidden airbags and airbag defect because Takada 6.1 million cars will be investigated. According to media reports, Takada airbags have caused fatal accidents everywhere.

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Japanese auto parts maker Takata was founded in 1933, is a specialized production of automotive airbags, steering wheel, seat belts, electronic sensing devices and other automotive safety parts of the multinational corporations, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Automotive expert Zhang Zhiyong yesterday to accept the "First Financial Daily" reporters, talked about a wide range of Takata airbag recall involves the resulting shows Takada monopoly in this market a lot of market share, but it also exposed many vehicle plant too dependent on certain parts suppliers, as well as over-confidence parts suppliers, thus leading to the detection of the presence of neglect other aspects of the production of automotive process.

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