Sense and Sensibility is a standard Fiat split into two departments

Posted on 8/21/2015 3:20:24 PM

Fiat brand will be split into two departments clearer positioning, in order to boost sales, gain greater market share.
Fiat brand in Europe, the Middle East and Russia, official Luca Napolitano said that the two departments will be named "rational (Rational)" and "emotional (Emotional)". Rational means ordinary household consumption, focusing on cost-effective, sensual means more high-end consumer, focusing on brand image and configuration level.
Perceptual model of the family will include the Fiat 500 series and based on the Fiat 124 Spider, which will add a larger 500 series five-door hatchback version will be the same platform with the 500X crossover. The new car will be launched next year, but Fiat also plans to MINI as a direct competitor, the current all-wheel drive and a turbocharged version is also under development.
For the rational model of the family, Luca Napolitano said it would "based on functionality and price," which Panda will become the entry model of this series, and then will add a great small car, as well as a home-based Ya Neck hatchback.
The new small car is expected to launch next year, it has yet to determine the name, but Grande Panda and Grande Punto are possible as an option. For more information on next year's Geneva Motor Show in March revealed, but now known car brand Dacia will not compete with low-end models, but directly on the standard Skoda and Hyundai-Kia and other mainstream rivals.
According to Fiat's official documents, rational family of Fiat models will be only one level, two engines and four kinds of body color configuration. This also means that navigation and premium sound system and other high-end features are installed by dealers late. Starting price will be more fixed, and Fiat might be sold through the network channels.
Fiat brand flagship small car, the brand positioning is more clear, its flagship model Uno, Bravo, Punto and Panda have been named European Car of the Year. But in the past 20 years, the brand has a lot of market share in Europe to decline, this strategic adjustment is also designed to promote brand growth, regain market share in Europe. After 2010 achieve 83,700 sales, the brand's sales fell to 58,300, the market share of only 4.5%.

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