FAW-Volkswagen complaints up to the largest number of complaints after-sales service

Posted on 3/15/2017 10:28:09 AM

Recently, the Chinese Consumers Association issued 2016 car brand complaints, the National Association of Consumers organized a total of 15247 complaints received from automotive products (including parts), down 19% over 2015.
Among them, the after-sales service issues, contract disputes and product quality is the main cause of complaints, more than 70% of the total complaints. While the independent brand is still the top of the list of complaints, a single brand FAW-Volkswagen to 489 cases to become the largest amount of complaints brand.
After-sales service complaints the largest
With the popularity of cars, with the situation in previous years, car complaints are still high, located in all complaints of goods category second, second only to the amount of complaints of mobile phones.
According to consumer statistics, after-sales service, contract complaints, quality complaints ranking the top three complaints, respectively, 4164, 3748, 3670, accounting for 27.3%, 24.6%, 24.1%, to reach the total amount of complaints 76 %. In addition, there are 486 price complaints, 69 security complaints, 182 cases of false propaganda complaints, 144 cases of counterfeiting complaints, 13 cases of dignity complaints, 9 complaints, other complaints 3178.
If the amount of complaints in accordance with the car, 2016 independent brands have made a lot of good sales, but the amount of complaints also see the rise. Own brand car complaints for the 2332, accounting for 14.89% of the total annual complaints, ranking first; German brand car complaints 1754, accounting for 11.20% of the total annual complaints, ranked second; US Department of brand cars Complaints 1558, accounting for 9.95% of the total annual complaints, ranking third.
Low level of maintenance, contract default, vehicle failure into a hot complaint
Although the overall quality of the car today, a lot of improvement, but for some brand models of the chronic illness is still, plus the brand 4S shop repair capacity of different service complaints are mainly concentrated in the same quality problems maintenance, to 33.96% The And not fulfill the three packs of obligations is also high, reaching 24.74%. Consumers specific complaints are: First, the level of maintenance is not high; the second is unable to implement the commitment to sale; Third, the maintenance price is not clear, opaque, arbitrary charges.
Contractual complaints are mainly focused on contract defaults (55.28%) and unequal format terms (4.32%). Specific contract complaints are: First, the car does not sign a written contract or car after the car contract to recover; Second, the contract is not standardized on the vehicle delivery time, configuration standards and other after-sales service terms understatement, mixed with deposit and deposit caused by both rights Etc .; third is the signing of the contract does not perform; Fourth, some car sales staff for performance and commission, verbal commitment to car concessions or subsidies, vehicles sold, do not honor commitment.
Quality complaints mainly focused on product performance (32.58%), nonconforming goods (6.92%) and failure, damage or loss (18.75%) three aspects. Specific quality complaints are: First, the engine, gearbox, dashboard and other major components of the failure; Second, abnormal sound, smell, abnormal jitter and other controversial issues; Third, the early wear and tear of the car tires, burst and so on. In addition, the quality of the car also involves the identification of identification, consumer rights more difficult.
Forced commercial insurance despite repeated prohibitions
Bought the car all know that the new car in the 4S shop sales process, are in the store to buy commercial insurance, and generally have to be full insurance, or the new car will be greatly reduced the price of discount, it can be considered 4S shop unwritten The
In addition, some short supply models, due to supply shortages, want to mention the car as soon as possible, must also install some boutique, some as many as tens of thousands of dollars, or first have to six months, which has become the hardest hit by consumer complaints.
Automotive financial complaints are: First, some operators to force consumers in the car must be in the shop to buy insurance, forced to buy a car to pay the financial services fees; the second is to pay the deposit or renewal deposit, that is, car The seller must stipulate that the owner must renew the deposit in the store every year during the mortgage repayment period, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded; the third is to collect the mortgage fee, and many operators now carry out the preferential rate of the zero rate car loan, but the zero rate is not equal to zero Fees, operators are often diluted when the difference between the two, resulting in car disputes.
FAW-Volkswagen, Changan Ford, Buick
Ranking the top three complaints
From the car brand complaint ranking (TOP10) point of view, FAW-Volkswagen, Changan Ford, Buick ranked the top three complaints, respectively, 489, 481, 481; and the least amount of complaints for Tesla, Rice, Chrysler. According to the probability of count, the general sales and the amount of complaints will be proportional to a certain extent, it is not difficult to understand the list of complaints and sales will focus on sales in some of the higher brands.
However, which still can see a different problem. 2016, the largest sales of SAIC Volkswagen, but the amount of complaints SAIC Volkswagen did not come in first, ranked first for the FAW-Volkswagen, which the quality and contract issues the most complaints, after-sales contracts accounted for the first. In the top ten complaints list, the contract problem is more than the quality of complaints, only the quality of Buick is higher than the contract.
In addition, the luxury brand of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc., but also the quality of the complaints more than the contract, indicating that the quality of luxury cars on the consumer requirements are relatively high. In addition, there are some independent brands such as Changan Automobile, SAIC-GM-Wuling, BYD, Chery, Great Wall and other brands, but also higher than the quality of the contract.

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