Foxconn wants to enter the new energy vehicles looming behind Tesla

Posted on 12/31/2014 3:49:33 PM

Wang has been a transition in the new energy vehicles to get rid of a few blocks 3C companies manufacturing products in "old rival" of the city of Shenzhen Taiwan Regal Gou very anxious, but Dec. 21 officially declared the new energy industry automobile.
However, Gou first participated in sales and after-sales service. The same day, the dealer group luxury car ads car harmony listed in Hong Kong, the introduction of Hon Hai Group Gou Taiwan, the second largest shareholder, expanding business cooperation electric car.
Foxconn has not made this comment, interested in the December 29th to 21st Century Business Herald reporter, said. "We can not reveal the specific circumstances, because it involves investments are related to operational and strategic investments by the Ministry of publishing".
Gou early in the design of the automobile industry, the second session of the General Assembly this year traders on September 3, pledged to invest 5 billion yuan in Shanxi participate in electric vehicles, is likely to be Tesla OEM speculation.
"OEM King" Gou chain drive behind gradually revealed, according to journalist 21st Century Business Herald, Terry Gou position as the second largest shareholder-owned cars harmony, has a partnership with Tesla sales in China. Tesla interested not deny it.
Regal small distributors fantasy?
Headquartered in Zhengzhou harmonious car in 2005, and June 13 last year, listed in Hong Kong, but it is still not well known in the industry, many people have never heard of. Founder 冯长革 8 years, the number of stores in harmony extended to 25 cars.
According Car harmony annual report released in 2014, the first half of the income of 5.0 million yuan, up 36.8%, of which sales of new cars of about 44 billion yuan, 32, 7 percent; net sales of about 570 million yuan, an increase of 79.7%.
As a luxury car and a super-luxury car sales and after-sales service providers, sales of new cars in the first half of 9940 Harmony car, representing an increase of 41.1%, well above the rate of growth of the market for luxury cars in China of 26%, but net profit grew by only 10.7%.
Terminal market of luxury cars in China has entered a "winter", not only did money selling cars, and even losing money, has become the industry standard. BMW Dealers said buying a car from a loss of 3 million. Although car sales harmony Rolls Royce, Ferrari and 13 luxury and super luxury brand, but sales of BMW dominated the first half of this year, sales of BMW for 8711, representing 88% of total sales .
However, the car in front of harmony in the list, the rapid expansion of the number of stores. In 2012 over the previous year, the expansion of 9-22 stores, ending the first half of this year, car sales harmony automobile after-sales total of 61 outlets, of which 40 4S stores 21 shops of a comprehensive after-sales service.
Car "outsider" Gou to enter at this time. Gou Hon Hai, a subsidiary wholly owned by the Company to subscribe for 129 million shares of auto harmony, the subscription price of HK $ 4.73 per share, totaling HK $ 609 million.
Gou manga sell drugs? According to the announcement published by the harmonious car, "Subscribing to the future-oriented cooperation with investors, paving the group. The company continues to explore business opportunities in the automotive industry, including the expansion of its business in the car business electric ".
Tesla is the real purpose?
From the current data, car sales harmony mainly traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are expected to find only the future direction. In just over 500 million cars harmony yuan of profits, have any tips to attract wealth exceeded $ 6 billion Gou favor?
Harmony car ad that "under heavy investor in technology, R & D and manufacturing capabilities and experience in the field of electronics, established foundation subscription-based groups, investors and strategic cooperation Hon Hai allow Group in China consolidate its huge distribution network and experience of luxury and business luxury cars, while expanding the business of electric cars. "
According to the announcement, the strategy seems to have tripartite cooperation, and the party has a strong R & D and technology. Hon Hai and new energy products and automotive technologies without major components intersection of Gou Hon Hai is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of electronic computing, communications and consumer (3C) products, provide 3C related parts such as chassis connector connectors plate board, card connectors, wire to board connectors, cable products and elsewhere.
In the first half of 2014 are reported in harmony car, several released one of which is strategically important "new strategy of positive energy vehicle development." According to the announcement of the car harmony, "has been a company of electric cars american well known in the service areas of cooperation, from now on Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places were open and operating cooperative stores, a number of other stores also building cooperation between cities and the operations were opened. "
Insiders speculate that the company may be Tesla. Tesla service points in China, the first design is Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou. However, December 29 aspects Tesla 21 Century Business Herald reporter, said: "No relevant information to that effect issued."
Gou and Wang are the most famous "enemy" in the history of Shenzhen, such as electronics manufacturing companies competitor products rivalry between the two parties over the past ten years there has been corpuscles. Wang has been called "the rich toy" Tesla, which favored Gou new energy vehicles of the brand. Foxconn as a supplier of Tesla, Tesla offers most IT people like 17-inch touchscreen control.
Probably due to the rivalry with Wang Gou automotive special care, automotive electronics products identified as Foxconn, one of the seven priorities for future product development. In order to seize Tesla future sales growth, which plans to build a plant in the US screen.
Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Musk said at the shareholders meeting, is expanding its partnership with the Hon Hai Group, improving the car's ability Tesla. Speculation Hon Hai Group can help Tesla assembly.
Posterior September 3 Gou Taiyuan Shanxi attended the second session of the General Assembly said it would invest more than 5 million yuan in Shanxi Province, the development of electric vehicle industry. Foxconn Terry Gou official confirmation has been linked with the position, but this is no comment.
Gou did not support the ultimate goal of the meeting of shareholders this year before the Hon Hai Group, proposed an alternative plan: Hon Hai create your own electric car, the price is very cheap, at $ 15,000 or less.
However, do OEM Foxconn origin, there is a strong internal "factories gene" is difficult to complete their research and development automotive own strength, technical reserves. Foxconn can produce apples Apple but not developed. Insiders speculate that does not rule out taking OEM Gou two programs in parallel and independently.
Gou in many aspects of "out of the factory" has an interest, it has begun, including electricity suppliers, including sales strategy. Car Harmony has quotas, and BMW has signed a cooperation agreement between the promise of electric vehicles, expanding cooperation in marketing, leasing, services and other aspects. Moreover, while China has signed with BMW i Series electric vehicle cooperation agreement to cooperate in marketing, parts, information, sales and other aspects.

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