An increase of 65% FAW Toyota Prado led the hardcore SUV market

Posted on 12/21/2016 3:28:18 PM

Looking back at the automobile market in 2016, the overall sales volume of the SUV market has increased by about 45% as a result of the opening policy of the second child and the change of people's consumption concept. In this environment, as a hardcore SUV representative models, Prado with powerful off-road capability, high cost, over the years accumulated good product reputation, in 2016 also produced a satisfactory report card.
As of November, Prado cumulative sales of 33,395 units, up 65% year on year growth rate, which, 3.5L models total sales of 12,891 units, an increase of 76%, 2.7L models cumulative sales of 20,504 units, an increase of 58%, far ahead Level models. After the automotive industry in the traditional off-season in July and August, the Prado in the third quarter sales growth was still as high as 33%. It is worth mentioning that, Prado's year-on-year growth rate in the FAW-Toyota products is the highest.
16 years has made such a proud record it is not easy, especially in the SUV market competition is increasingly fierce, can reach 65% year on year growth rate, even more commendable. Prado since the localization of the brand inherited the gene on the basis of off-road capabilities, and continuously meet the needs of users of the Chinese market, taking into account the Chinese consumer SUV and comfortable driving experience hard to pursue, to achieve the "off-road + "," Hardcore + comfort "the perfect combination.
FAW Toyota SUV family "family glory" Every car has inherited Toyota's excellent off-road gene, and are in their camps irreplaceable benchmark model, as a hardcore SUV representative, Prado uphold LAND CRUISER world-renowned brand genes And off-road gene at the same time, the appearance of tough fashion, rich configuration, unmatched off-road performance by the majority of users love. 3.5L models equipped with a dynamic adjustment of the suspension system KDSS, multi-terrain optional driver assistance system MTS and other high-end off-road configuration, performance in the off-road aspects more handy.
Prado 2.7L models for China's natural environment and road conditions were optimized, more in line with the actual needs of Chinese consumers demand, greatly reducing the entry threshold for many cross-country lovers, for Chinese consumers in the 400,000 yuan level hardcore SUV Provides a cost-effective choice. It is understood that many new Prado car owners, said: "Compared to the imported version of the domestic Prado is more suitable for the domestic road conditions, but also in terms of cost has greatly improved. FAW Toyota has a comprehensive after-sales service network and regular Channels to provide spare parts for our owners to save a lot of unnecessary trouble. "
Whether the city through the wilderness or across the line, the Prado is a personality full and shiny landscape. Unique sense of power and trust of the former face shape, with a rough Kuangkuang strong five straight waterfall-style grille, and the "Wings of Light" LED headlamps seamless, in addition, full of tension of the body lines , Fashionable waist, style of the tail shape, let the Prado figure reveals more cross-country king style.
Off-road performance, the Prado has a non-load-bearing body, with high-strength torsional stiffness and bending stiffness of the frame combination, can take into account the strong off-road and control the stability of the balance. 3.5L models equipped with 3.5L 7GR-FKS engine, the maximum power of 206KW, the peak torque of 365NM, in order to control every inch of land to provide a steady stream of power output.
For the owner, a reliable car, not only off-road tools, but also work and life partner. The drift-loving Mr. Wang, speaking about his choice of Prado, said: "There is a natural sense of security in Pradori, which is very important to us in pursuing the extreme movement. It is your faithful partner, To your family safe side. "

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