BYD announces badge of all-new series “Han”

Posted on 11/22/2019 3:46:26 PM

BYD, a China-based automaker which names its mainstay models after ancient Chinese dynasties, recently announced the badge of its all-new model series dubbed “Han”, joining a string of “Dynasty” series that has already contained “Qin”, “Tang”, “Song” and “Yuan”. 
The simplified Chinese character “Han” on the badge is written in the elegant “small seal” script that fostered the sharing of culture and literature from the Qin to the end of Western Han Dynasty. The format integrating both traditional and modern elements embodies BYD’s wish to pass on achievements from old days and create a better future with the “Han” as a new outset.
BYD unveiled in middle November the manuscript of the interior design of its all-new full-size sedan model code-named “HC” via its WeChat account. The “HC” is in all likelihood the first model of the “Han” series, some local media outlets speculated. 
Remaining faithful to the “Dynasty” signature interior design language, the HC also adopts more sleek character lines to offer a driver and passengers an upscale space. 
Still, a massive rotatable display at the center console is the most eye-catching facility. The dragon scale-styled design at the front door panels has appeared in the e-SEED GT, a NEV concept model unveiled at this year's Auto Shanghai.
Some parameters of the Han released by BYD in 2015 shows that the “Han” might measure 4,950mm long, 1,890mm wide and 1,490mm tall with a wheelbase that spans 2,940mm.
In terms of powertrain, the front-wheel drive variant is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 2.0T engine and a 150-hp front axle motor, while the three-engine four-wheel-drive one will also incorporate a rear axle motor that pumps out up to 476 hp. The acceleration from 0 to 100km/h of the three-engine four-wheel-drive version can be done

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