China’s Dong Feng-Nissan to Crack Down on Corruption

Posted on 6/10/2016 10:24:50 AM

Corruption involved with an executive of Dong Feng-Nissan, a JV automaker in China, has been in judicial process since June 3, 2016.
Guo Jinhua, legal representative of four companies, was trialed for bribing Ren Yong with RMB19.12 million yuan, previous deputy CEO of Dong Feng-Nissan, at the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court on June 3, 2016.
Businesses of Guo’s companies have included automobile sales, automobile maintenance, logistics, real estate, golf clubs, property management, catering service and others, creating assets of more than RMB 1 billion yuan, according to data of 2007.
Guo made investment on building houses servicing as dormitories for staff of Dong Feng-Nissan and their defendants.
Proving services for Dong Feng-Nissan has created great revenue for Guo’s companies. Bribing the decision maker with RMB19.12 million yuan ensured success of Guo’s companies in bidding to be providers of diversified services for Dong Feng-Nissan.
Executives’ defendants held shares of companies of Guo, leading to their corruption commitment.
Being suspected of bribery, Ren Yong was taken away for assisting in judicial investigation in December 2014.
Later on, corruption concerned executives of Dong Feng-Nissan has been in judicial procedure.


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