Don PSA sólo es real: la reactivación del mercado chino es muy importante para el Grupo PSA

Posted on 4/21/2015 4:36:20 PM

In the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show kicked off at the same time, the domestic auto electronic business platform race officially started the war, have borrowed Motor rally. Ali Automotive division, said during the show, the day the cat will join Land Rover car, MINI, Ford and other brands online synchronization exhibition; Jingdong before the opening of the show on the line, "Jingdong vehicle channel", and, together, easy car at the Shanghai Motor Show opening day launched the "Spring Carnival car" activity; in addition, there are some O2O automotive electronic business platform occasion to visit the Shanghai Auto Show and publishing service brand.
In fact, the race car electricity supplier and more than that, especially in BAT and other Internet companies, beginning this year, it is the action frequently: Ali founded Automotive Division; Tencent, Jingdong investment layout easy car automobile electric providers; Baidu revealed that they are promoting the "repairer plan even easy to car recently have said, do not rule out the future of the automobile involved in the electricity business. For a time, the automotive industry especially in the automotive electric providers into "meat and potatoes", many Internet companies want to come to share.
As for the reason, iResearch analyst Cao Meichen told BEIJING IT Channel interview that the current automotive electricity supplier in the automotive industry, the penetration rate of less than 10%, with the rapid development of government policy support and electricity supplier industry, the automobile electricity supplier penetration will continue to increase, the market prospect is very broad, and the benefit of the vertical field of vehicle maintenance, vehicle finance.
Founder billion euros, O2O & P analyst Huang Yuan BEIJING IT channel, said that with the Internet + concept warming, the automotive industry has also ushered in the transition, in conjunction with the Internet has become the industry trend. Analysys International analyst Qian Ying that the car electricity supplier as a car the whole industry chain is an important aspect of electronic business platform will be through the entrance, and then deep into all aspects of car users.
Automotive electricity supplier or burn off war
Internet companies such as BAT incoming car electricity supplier will usher in what kind of change? Qian Ying believes that the electricity supplier as part of the car's vertical electric field, will be the focus of Ali, Jingdong competition, the future will be more direct and intense.
Caomei Chen believes that the future will be more and more Internet companies to cooperate with the traditional car companies, market competition, and with the improvement of the owners needs and requirements of the automotive after-market personalized service will become the future trend of development. "Internet driving, after market O2O stop service will be the direction of future development." Caomei Chen said.
The degree of competition on the electricity supplier of automotive, S & P said Huang Yuan, set off a price war is certain, but the Chinese automotive electricity supplier node outbreak is yet to come, the price war will be more concentrated in the automotive service and other aspects. "At present, China is still not completely as automotive goods and tools, it has a certain symbolic identity, from this perspective, the car is not the electricity supplier is relatively mature, but also not reached breaking point."
Caomei Chen believes that because the car industry and other applications App class is different asset-heavy, high-consumption, low consumption frequency characteristics determine Poly-off can not be achieved simply burn, detain a guest of purpose, so that even the use of BAT and other Internet companies burn way, and certainly different from previous drops faster way to burn. "However, in the services market, such as car washing, maintenance of these relatively low-cost high-frequency part of a high probability of war burn." Caomei Chen said.

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