Favorable policies for new energy vehicles BYD To increase the annual income of 50%

Posted on 4/8/2015 3:42:09 PM

March 30, 2014 BYD Group has released an annual report, although the traditional fuel car sales fell 21.33%, but the total of its new energy automotive business revenue reached 7.328 billion yuan, an increase of about six times, accounting for 27.05% of the Group's automotive business revenue and it is understood it will be this year's goal is to grow by 50 percent to 15 billion yuan.
According to the Automobile Association data released last year, total sales of new energy vehicles in China 74,800, an increase of 323.8%, the plug-in vehicle sales 29,700, an increase of 878.1%, which BYD new energy vehicles in the market share of the business amounted to 27.9 %, plug-in hybrid market share of 49.60%.
Last week, BYD Group President Wang on the annual results press conference, said the positive benefit from the new energy policy, the next three years, the Chinese electric vehicle market will continue to grow significantly, according to BYD new energy in the first quarter performance, in this year Cost optimization and production capacity, the BYD new energy vehicle sales last year by 7.251 billion yuan to 150 billion yuan, an increase of 50%.
Reporters learned from BYD, the company currently squeeze a lot of undelivered orders for new energy vehicles, but battery capacity planning has become a major constraint for business development. It is reported that in the last year to start building BYD iron battery Kengzi base annual production scale iron battery 8GWh will be built in the year to provide about 250 million batteries for over 600,000 buses or hybrid cars. Plus the existing battery capacity, BYD iron battery overall production capacity will reach 10GWh.

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