Imported cars from January to May sales fell 21% in prices jump 80,000 yuan

Posted on 7/3/2015 2:59:48 PM

This year, the imported car market trend is clearly downward: 1--5 months, total sales of imported cars fell 21.2 percent. Stocks also continued at a high level, the terminal retail prices an average of 80,000 yuan, how to digest the high inventory, probably will be the most important issue import car dealers.
Market trend is clearly downward
July 1, China Automobile Dealers Association announced the May import car market analysis report. Data show that in May customs imported 88,000 cars, down 30.3 percent; 75,000 were sold in the same period, down 25.1 percent.
Meanwhile, five months before the customs cumulative 438,000 imported cars, down 22.3%; total sales of imported cars in the same period fell by 21.2% year on year.
View specific performance each month, the first five months of this year, 79,480 imported cars were sold, 60399, 89958, 74482 and 75502, respectively, year on year decline of 20.8%, 16.6%, 21%, 21.3% and 25.1%.
Comprehensive look at the first five months of performance, import car market current trend is clearly downward.
SUV body entrenched
Specifically to see the various import car market performance, in May the domestic automobile market of imported cars 27042, 43330 year 2014 fell 37.59%; the same period imported SUV models 56729, 76483 year 2014 fell 25.83 percent; imports MPV model year 3598 , year 2014 of 5693 fell 36.8%.
The January-May, the domestic automobile market imported 136,354 cars, down 27.48 percent, accounting for the proportion of imported passenger cars was 31.39%; the same period a total of 278,022 imported SUV models, down 20.27%, the proportion of imported passenger cars accounted for 64 %; the same period imported MPV models 20047, down 8.63%, the proportion of imported passenger cars accounted for 4.61%.
While Whether car, SUV or MPV models, the number of all different degrees of imports fell, but imports of SUV models still occupy a large proportion of the dominant position remains solid.

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