Who will swallow 98% of the fuel market

Posted on 9/26/2017 8:39:15 AM

Since the former vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Xin Guo Bin position will develop a traditional fuel truck exit schedule, the public have talked about. For what time, where, in what way to achieve the problem of fuel vehicle replacement, in the industry is not the idea behind the long way to go. According to the Federation of data show that from January to August this year, the cumulative sales of 14.1113 million passenger cars, new energy vehicles total sales of 249,600. Although the new energy vehicles to 93.2% increase is far stronger in the passenger car market 2.1% increase, but still less than 1.8%.
In fact, for the new energy vehicles, not only in this 1.8% share in the struggle to break ground, from technology to infrastructure and then to the consumer acceptance, and its difficulties and challenges far greater than this. However, regardless of which changes in the automotive industry to promote the power, regardless of the change of the floor is at the moment or at that time, the automobile industry big step forward trend is irreversible, automotive intelligence, networking, electric, sharing Of the "four modernizations" are faster and more violent than ever.
As we all know, the power system is the core part of the car, and with the social energy conservation and environmental protection more and more emphasis on power technology and more mature, its three technical lines, pure electric, hybrid, fuel cells are standing in the center of the stage, Intended to be a true replacement for internal combustion engines. Which of them will be the mainstream of the future? This issue involves a number of factors such as the construction of supporting infrastructure, government counterpart policy, energy development and smelting technology, the development of automatic driving technology, nuclear power, the future development of power grid, and the discovery of new energy.
International automotive research firm JDPower China Vice President and Managing Director Mei Songlin met the first financial correspondent said: "In terms of applicability, the hybrid represents today, pure electric represents tomorrow, while the fuel cell represents the Is the day after tomorrow.

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